Alessa Stonemason

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Alessa Stonemason

Alessa Stonemason RadioactiveK.png
Race Dwarf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Ranger
Gender Female
Affiliations The Woodcarvers
  • Husband: Harold Stonemason (Presumed Deceased)
  • Daughter: Heathera Stonemason
  • Unnamed Son (Deceased)
Alias Sad Lady
Status Alive
Portrayed By Coestar
First Appearance Woodcarvers

Alessa Stonemason is a Hill Dwarf Ranger portrayed by Coestar in the Woodcarvers Campaign. Alessa is a member of the Woodcarvers of Waldon and acts as a hunter/scout of the woods for the Lumberjacks. She is the mother to Heathera Stonemason.





Alessa is a dwarf who is very scared for her daughter. She is often seen ushering her away from any dangerous lifestyle, preferring her to stay at home. Though to her other Lumberjacks, she often opposes their ideas, particularly the risky and dangerous ideas of Vitali Zankovich. However, her oppositions are usually unheard and she finds herself assisting them in battle and protecting Heathera the entire time she does. She is not stubborn in her beliefs, as Heathera demonstrated her own proress of Magician magic, eventually leading Alessa to allow her to train under Vitali as they travel with the Sunswords.


Heathera Stonemason

Alessa is very protective over her daughter, going so far as to keep her secluded from lumberjacking and scouting. She even keeps the truth about her father away from Heathera due to her own guilt and sadness. This causes a small rift between the two, but it is quickly filled once the truth comes to light. Alessa eventually lifts her overprotectiveness as Heathera begins demonstrating her abilities as a potential Magician, and even allows her to become an apprentice to Vitali as they travel.

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When Alessa was younger she married a Dwarven man named Harold that she had two children with. As soon as the son was born Harold took the new-born off to sacrifice him to the god of death to be given great strength and power. Alessa quickly found out about this and chased after Harold to stop him from committing the act. Unfortunately, when Alessa found him he had already committed the act and sacrificed the child, but instead of becoming an Ageless like he wished, Harold instead became a raving, mindless monster, and nothing of his former self remained. Alessa quickly dispatched him. Near the scattered ashes of their sacrificed son, Alessa found a peculiar amulet. It was a gnarled, ugly mess of animal bones. Overcome with anger and despair at her loss, she became consumed with a desire for vengeance. Afterwards Alessa returned home to her daughter and has been traumatized about the event ever since and has thus never talked about her father to her daughter. Over the years since these events, Alessa has become more distrustful and unstable. The only thing that has kept her anchored is her daughter, Heathera. Due to Alessa's tendency to suddenly disappear, and a generally distant demeanor, Heathera was forced to mostly raise herself. Thus, she is a hard worker keeps things from falling apart at home. Alessa became a sort of bodyguard to a group of lumberjacks as a ranger and lived in the village of Waldon.



After dealing with the mindless Ageless left in the wake by Golestandt in their former home, Alessa, Jormr and Vitali Zankovich are approached by Gwyneth Sunsword and asked to join her and Kallark in chasing down the Ageless Dragon and putting the Doomed Souls left behind to rest. Seeing Heathera's determination to fulfill this, Alessa asked Vitali if he would take Heathera as his apprentice as they join the two Sunswords.