Aryu Maeda

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Aryu Maeda
Aryu Maeda AVZ Puppet.png
AffiliationLyn Azveltara's Assassins
RelationshipsLyn Azveltara (Employer)
Campaigns Azveltara Z
SeasonsSeason Three
"Cause it's my story!"
— Moonwolf during Fighting Power 8.

Aryu Maeda, known as the assassin Moonwolf, is an Azveltarian Elf Sorcerer played by Spiff in Azveltara Z. He is a member of Lyn Azveltara's personal team of assassins, and participated in her plot to exterminate the Beenu race. He also participated in Fighting Power 8, being a semi-finalist. Due to his Azveltarian nature, he can transform into a Moonwolf at anytime.



Aru Maeda is a male Azveltarian with short hair that is held up by a headband. He wears a chin and cheek covering cloth and small armor around his neck that appears to cover his upper torso, but it is covered by a shirt. In the Fighting Power 8 tournament, Aryu was seen being shirtless with sleeves from his elbow down. An accidental spill of the Potion Seller's Strongest Potion, causing a very large growth of chest hair on him.


Aryu is a very vengeful person, often holding rivals and grudges. Aryu's grudges even goes back to childhood, as his entire quest is to kill the Sorcerer that murdered his family. This particular grudge causes him need to rely on other people to further his goals. He regretfully then goes into a friendship with the Azveltarian Assassins to help him, and eventually becomes "close friends" to Kohai Chan, whom he hates.

Aryu is not without love, however, as he is still very much in love with Lyn Azveltara, but is also the last to refresh his bonds.

Notable Attributes


Lyn Azveltara

Kohai Chan

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Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Azveltarian}]
  • [{Class / Sorcerer}]
  • [{Cornerstone / Schizophrenic}]
  • [{Attribute / Perky}]
  • [{Attribute / Prudish}]


  • [{Supplies / Enchantments}]
  • [{Supplies / Inheritance}]
  • [{Supplies / Amulet of Bones}]


  • [{Paladin / Purify}]
  • [{Sorcerer / Conjure Refreshments}]
  • [{Sorcerer / Flare}]
  • [{Theurgist / Ice Ray}]
  • [{Wizard / Counterspell}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Fog of Maddening EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Life Drain EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Magma Orb}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Rotting Frost EX}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Shadow Puppet EX}]

Former Abilities


  • [{Armor / Rokesh Pantsuit}]
  • [{Weapon / Heartoak Staff}]
  • [{Weapon / Scimitar}]

Former Belongings



Aryu was orphaned at a young age when a powerful Dark Sorcerer killed his family after a few days of tutoring the young Aryu. Vengeful, Aryu began travelling to hunt down the sorcerer, eventually "befriending" the Azveltarian Assassins to help further his gains.

Aryu and Kohai were once on a mission in their early Assassin days, where Kohai had to face off against a Moonwolf. However, due to Kohai's lack of battle prowess, Aryu had to heavily assist the young work associate. The battle goes rather awkward, with the two assassins causing one-another to trip over themselves while fighting the Moonwolf. However, eventually Kohai uses his Mega Magma Strike to defeat the wolf, but renders him unconcious. This opens Aryu to, begrudgingly, use the Azveltarian ritual to gain the ability to become a Moonwolf.

Azveltara Z

The Assassins are patiently waiting for their leader, Lyn Azveltara, to conclude her meeting with the First of All Elves, Rohbear Leomaris. The private meeting is concluded when they see Leomaris violently slam the door and slowly leaves the home of Azveltara. Lyn then exits the room and informs her assassins that she has a mission of up-most importance. Lyn then tells Aryu to watch Kohai Chan the entire time. This is because their friendship bonds appear to be weaker than everyone else. Aryu begrudgingly accepts his task.

After some awkward "bonding" between the two, Lyn tells them to stop. Lyn then wishes to recount the tales of how the Assassin's gain their Az Warrior tatoo and begins with asking Bei. But after hearing her story, Lyn is taken aback that Bei acquired the tattoo in a dangerous manner. Lyn then has to go about explaining her telepathic abilities through their bonds to Kohai Chan once more, up until Lyn punches the pig assassin in the gut, causing him to fly into another room. The Lyn in front of the remaining assassins turns into a fellow member, revealing his true form as Caynon Nailo. Nailo then belittles the master assassins for falling for his trick and then begins telling the tales of him wining Fighting Power 4 to anyone who will listen. The real Lyn and Kohai return to belittle the assassins further for their inability to tell when it is Lyn and not an imposter. She then tells the group that it is time to refresh their bonds, and begins to have sex with Kohai Chan in the other room.

After refreshing the bonds, Kohai returns to the assassins and is questioned by a servant of how he enjoyed it. Kohai explains that he enjoyed it very much in the form a rant. The rant devolves into talking about him killing several ninjas. Shite and Aryu quickly step in to say that he was not the one to kill them, but Shite was then called in to refresh the bonds with Lyn. The servant then goes to explain the magic behind the bond, and that it goes beyond that of simple pleasure. After a discussion of Aryu and Kohai brushing each others teeth, the servant calls in Bei to refresh the bonds with Lyn. Kuroyami asks the servant what the punishment is for killing another assassin. The servant explains that there is in fact not one, but before they could continue this thought, they are interrupted by Bei's loudness during the Bond refreshing. The servant then asks Shite for her name, to which it is revealed that Shite's true name is Susan, but its what Kohai calls her.

Bei then returns to the group, and the servant informs Kohai Chan that Lyn believes he needs to refresh his bonds once more, leading to Aryu to get impatient. Nailo then rejoins the Master Assassins to again try to recount the tale of winning Fighting Power 4, much to Kuroyami and Aryu's dismay. Bei's condition causes her to try to hump the servant. This prompts Lyn to come bursting out and begin slapping Bei for disloyalty, then punches her in the juggular, following it up with a palm strike to her forhead, knocking Bei unconscious on the nearby pillow. After Lyn returns to her room, the servant requests that Kuroyami go refresh his bonds. The servant calls out that he has to and that be better do a better job than last time. Kuroyami begrudgingly goes.

Kohai returns offers Aryu a "hug of friendship" to which Aryu simply takes the hug. Nailo then returns again, much to Aryu's annoyance. Nailo claims to be Kohai's father, but no one believes him, prompting Nailo to tell the story of how he won Fighting Power 4. Nailo excitingly tells Kohai about his win. Lyn and Kuroyami walk back out, with Lyn looking highly displeased. Lyn embarrassed Kuroyami but making him tell everyone what he attempted to do, to which Kuroyami warns them to not try to transform into a beast while they refresh the bonds. Lyn is then reminded that she and Aryu have yet to refresh the bonds and wishes to recount the time Aryu gained her Az Warrior tattoo.

After recounting the tale, Lyn tells the group about their dangerous mission to go to a Great Hall and enact part of the Great Purge. Lyn gets enamored by Kohai's lack of knowledge of the subject and goes and refreshes the bond with Kohai. Nailo attempts to rejoin the group, however Kuroyami holds Nailo away using Harsh Winds. The servant then returns and informs Aryu that it is finally her turn to refresh the bonds with Lyn. However a mix up happens, and Lyn returns to the group to ask Kuroyami to gather the assassins. This is when they notice that Aryu and Kohai are not around. Lyn uses her magic to see where they are and discovers that Aryu and Kohai, mistaking each other for Lyn, are refreshing their own bonds. Lyn busts open to the bedroom and begins slapping and berating the two of them. Eventually the group reconvenes and Aryu and Lyn have their bonding moment before heading out to the Great Hall.

The four assassins and Shite quietly sneak into the Great Hall and begin killing every single Beenu in the facility. That is, until the come across a single Beenu near the facilities' liquid Dragon Silver. The Beenu eventually reveals herself to be Lyn in desquise. Lyn then poisons the Dragon Silver to cause the Beenu to be unable to reproduce. The assassins then continue to slaughter the Beenu scientist and children in a brutal fashion. With their mission complete, the assassins go separate ways for some time.

Some time later, the Assassins regroup at Lyn Azveltara's home and join her for bathing in her personal bath. Lyn begins to praise the group for their capabilities during the mission. While the assassins talk with one another, Bobby Bob Bobbertson joins the Azveltarans. Lyn jokingly invites the small Keen to the coming up Fighting Power 8 Tournament. After exchanging conversations, eventually Xavius arrives looking for Lyn. The Barringster claims to be Lyn's personal date, but gets laughed off by Kuroyami. Xavius warns Kuroyami that he will bring down the assassin in Fighting Power 8, and then leaves. The assassins then part ways again, and meet up for the Fighting Power 8 Tournament.

Fighting Power 8

The Sandbolds

At the request of Lyn Azveltara, Moonwolf sparred against Yohan and McCarrot Smith alongside Kohai Chan when The Sandbolds were visiting Ninjaru. He fought alongside Aryu Maeda against Yohan and McCarrot Smith. After only dodging several bullets fired by Yohan and landing two strikes on him, Aryu was quickly knocked unconscious after being shot six times by Yohan.


Aryu was last seen in the semi-finals of Fighting Power 8, losing to Bei Mei Xhir't.


  • This is the first character to be played by Spiff.