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The Bandito class of URealms Live is a support class that allows their allies to use limited abilities twice, whilst having their own assortment of powerful limited abilities, and a Poncho or Sombrero of Holding.


Name / Description Spell gem.png Melee gem.png Range gem old.png Radius Gem.png Interrupt gem.png Limited gem.png Stamina Cost Image
Starting Gear and Passives +5 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
You start with a Poncho or Sombrero of Holding.

You start with 1200 gold.

You and your Allies may use Limited Abilities Twice per combat.
Contraband 5 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Give an Ally one of your Treasure Items. Your Ally may keep this Treasure Item for the rest of the game even if it came from the Realm of Holding and should be returned after combat.
Fiesta 5 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Pull out some bottles of Porco Sangrio from the Realm of Holding and pass them out to you, your Allies, and their Companions that fully restores all Stamina. Until the end of combat, rolling a 2 counts as a Critical Failure for you and your Allies.
Grand Finale 5 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Your Allies may use one of their Limited Abilities as an Immediate Bonus Action without Stamina costs. This ability does not grant them an extra use of their Limited Abilities, only grants them the bonus action and reduction of Stamina costs.
Siesta 5 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
You and a Target take a nap, both going to Sleep for the rest of this round. At the start of next round, you both wake up and restore all of your Stamina.
Spell Pinata 5 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Summon forth a Magical Pinata as a Minion from the Realm of Holding that when destroyed gives you and your Allies a Spell Scroll to use as an Immediate Bonus Action. You and your Allies may choose to save the Spell Scroll by forfeiting the Bonus Action.
The Cartel 5 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Whistle for 5 Cartel Minions of your race linked to you and place them anywhere on the Battlefield. These Minions are armed with Pistols that allow them to attack from 5 range. Foes generally prefer to attack these minions over you and your Allies.

Notable Banditos


  • Maelstrom was the original character to be featured on the Bandito's cards.