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Rob, I want to use an interrupt. Warning! The following page contains spoilers for the most recent campaign! Oh no!


Race High Bear
Gender Male
Affiliations Dundinborough Guards
Alias Wise Bear
Status Alive
Portrayed By Millbee
First Appearance The Fall of Dundinborough

Bearo is a Low Bear, who was a companion to Dai, but was played by Millbee in The Fall of Dundinborough.





Powers & Abilities


Companion Abilities

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Runemaster Abilities

Thane Abilities


Bearo is a very wise bear, and often makes seemingly meaningless statements about the current situation:

  • "The apple of life is all that you chew"
  • "The essence of the self is only inside of your mind"
  • "The truth of life is sometimes bad and will make your throat melt"
  • "Death is only the shackles we bind to ourselves"
  • "Candy is the life-fruit that we live for"
  • "Seeing is just believing"
  • "Clothes are only what we make of ourselves"
  • "The paws are what root us to this Earth, and rooting is what makes us whole"
  • "Standing makes the position of life"
  • "Crossing indicates badness"
  • "Battling is what we do to make ourselves feel like the shrooms of the moon"
  • "Sight is only the idea we create so we can see"
  • "Being drunk is only the thing that allows us to go to the toilet"
  • "Fire is the just the means we use to cool our drinks"



Bearo once saw Dai swimming as he usually did, and Bearo decided to join him. Unfortunately, Bearo couldn't swim and started to drown, but Dai saved him, so Bearo became friends with Dai, as he was in debt to him.

The Fall of Dundinborough

===Fate=== Bearo escaped dundinbourough most likely one of the only survivors with Lance willakers and his two remaining guard friends