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Race Bennu
Hostile Racist
Affiliations None
Abilities Unknown
Equipment None
Capable of Speech Bennu Language
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance Zarlin Catacombs

The Bennu make up an ancient civilization, living in the Sky Temples.


The Bennu are an extinct race of highly advanced bird-like people who used to live in cities they built in the sky. They were extremely technologically advanced and are the original creators of the Elemech race and the Zarlin Catacombs.


Not much is known about this extinct race. However, they did have their own bird-like language that they would use to talk to each other, as well as understanding the common tongue.

Race Cards (Said to be Playable Race)

Card Name Ability Description Image
Bennu Unknown Coming Soon. 325px
Bennu Subrace Unknown Coming Soon. 325px


Notable Bennu