Bei Mei Xhir't

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Bei Mei X'hirt
RaceAzveltarian Elf
AffiliationLyn Azveltara's Assassins
RelationshipsLyn Azveltara (Employer)
AliasQueen of Blood
Campaigns Azveltara Z
SeasonsSeason Three

Bei Mei X'hirt', otherwise known as Queen of Blood, is an Azveltarian Elf Sharpsword portrayed by Coestar in Azveltara Z. She is a member of Lyn Azveltara's team of assassins. She participated in Lyn's plot to exterminate the Beenu race. She was the champion of Fighting Power 8. She has the ability to transform into a Blood Snake Queen.



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Bei Mei X'hirt is completely obsessed with blood going so far as to rip the feathers off of a Beenu child. notably she also has a tendency to go from lover to lover this can also cause her to go into somewhat of a daze not even being able to distinguish Lyn Azveltara from a male servant elf.

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Lyn Azveltara

Bei is completely infatuated with Lyn During the other assassins lovers bond ritual Bei was spying on them eventually she tried to go in a second time which lyn did not appreciate that turning her away. after this Bei seemed dazed not being able to distinguish Lyn from one of her servants this enraged lyn making her violently slap her then knocking her out onto a seat pillow.

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Bei was raised in a family of butchers unfortunately this would lead to her obsession with blood and murder. Not much is known of Beis life after this until she eventually became an assassin for Lyn Azveltara

Azveltara Z


Bei was last seen in the finals of Fighting Power 8, defeating Kuroyami.


  • The name Bei Mei X'hirt is a play off of the phrase "Buy My Shirt."