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(Notable Berserkers)
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* [[Kopie Ren]]
* [[Kopie Ren]]
* [[Noxel]]
* [[Noxel]]
* [[Frankie Rosebud]]
* [[Franky Rosebud]]
== Trivia ==
== Trivia ==

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The Berserker class of Unforgotten Realms Live is based around carrying out a flurry of attacks, especially in unfavorable situations. It was introduced to the game in Kobold Headhunters.


Name / Description Spell gem.png Melee gem.png Range gem old.png Radius Gem.png Interrupt gem.png Limited gem.png Stamina Cost Image
Starting Gear and Passives +7 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Berserkers start with 2000 gold. Berserkers do not go unconscious as long as all allies are conscious as well. Berserkers however cannot use any of their abilities while at zero stamina. Criticals still kill Berserkers at zero stamina.
Berserker Yes 3 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Release a mighty bellowing roar at the table and transform into your Vendo form, a mix of your current race and a High Bear. While in this form, you occupy a 2x2 space and deal double damage. All of your stamina costs are doubled, but are now usable even when at zero stamina.
Cleave 3 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Attack all acjacent targets using a melee weappon. Anytime you are critically hit by an attack, you may use Cleave as an anytime action.
Doublefrost 3 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Attack a single target using two melee weapons, crossing them together down on your target. this attack will generally decapitate targets on critical hits.
Purge Yes Combat 3 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Purge the sicknesses from your body in a violent spray of vomit. Remove all negative effects on you and become immune to all other magical effects (but not damage) until the start of your next turn.
Ravanger 3 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Attack a single target using a melee weapon. Until the start of your next turn, every time an ally misses an attack you may attack this target again as an immediate bonus action.

Notable Berserkers


  • Berserkers can be stuck in their Vendo Form.
  • Natural Berserkers kill their Mother's when they leave the womb. They tear themselves out of their mothers' stomach as they achieve their first transformation into Vendo Form.