Big 'un

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Big 'un

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Race Unknown
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliations Subordinate of Duke Daring
Alias Robert, Stacy
Status Alive
Portrayed By NPC (Played by Deadbones)
First Appearance Guild of Explorers

Big 'un is a massive, towering subordinate of Duke Daring. Not too bright but extremely strong.


  • Big 'un was originally planned to not be able to speak, but was given a voice when Jameson Blant tried to "diplomacy" him.
  • Big 'un's real name is Robert, but he prefers to be called Stacy.
  • When role playing as him, Deadbones had to use the Omally puppet, as Big 'un didn't have one of his own.
  • Big 'un is the second intelligent NPC to have a 3x3 tile, the first being Medusa.