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Bobby "Bob" Bobertson

Bob RadioactiveK.png
Race Gnome
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Paladin
Gender Male
Affiliations The Sunswords Military, formerly the Paladin Order
Alias Bob
Status Alive
Portrayed By Justin
First Appearance The Sunswords

Bobby Bobertson, also known as "Bob", is a Keen Gnome rank 8 Paladin portrayed by Justin during The Sunswords campaign, and again along with Rob in The New Crew campaign. Bob was last seen assisting Virgo Sunsword in capturing the Crew of the Bocoe and bringing them to the Silvermine Mountains.



Bob is a male Gnome with a muscular body, green eyes and a grey beard. Bob wears a red bandana covering the top of his head, a red armband tied on his left arm, metallic greeves, two golden rings, a blue loincloth, grey pants and metallic kneepads and boots. Bob also has a brown satchel.


When met with enemies and strangers, Bob sustains a very intense, macho facade for intimidation purposes. However, those close to him will find that he has a much more delicate persona. Bob has also shown a bit of a perverted side such as when he was peeping at Gwyneth Sunsword while she was in her tent for several minutes.

Battle Style

Bob tries often to do as much damage he can by using a Grimshade Blade dealing 12 damage. He also use Dragonskin Bow for long range or spams honorchains at targets. He uses the Coin of Providence very aggressive.


Bob is an ex-boyfriend of Gwyneth Sunsword. On several occasions, Bob insists that the child Gwyneth was carrying was actually his.

Phineas Barringster

Notable Attributes

Powers & Abilities


Paladin Abilities








Not much of Bob's history is known. It is known that Bob was a member of the Paladin order for 8 years, ascending to Rank 3 before being kicked out for unknown reasons. Bob later fell in love with Gwyneth Sunsword, which they dated for a short time. They later broke up but stayed in touch.

The Sunswords

Bob was a member of a group lead by Gwyneth Sunsword tasked with escorting a prison carriage to the Silvermine Mountains. More specifically, Bob was assigned to guard the prisoners and keep them in line. One particular prisoner, Goggles, seemed to take a notable interest in Bob. Goggles simply claims that he loves all Gnomes despite the fact that his records indicated that he has been known to steal from Gnomes in the past.

During an encounter with Ytts in a perilous canyon, Bob's performance sorely suffered from equipment malfunctions. This lead to Bob inadvertently launching arrows at his own crew mates, which ultimately resulted in the death of Ian Bates. After clearing the canyon, the team set up camp to rest and bury what was left of Ian. While checking up on the prisoners, Bob learned that Goggles had been carrying a Ring of Fire much like the one Bob had recently acquired. At this time, the team was approached by two Goblin merchants who were looking to display their wares. Bob showed some interest in negotiating with the merchants, but the Elves opted to assault and rob the Goblins instead. Unwilling to take part in the mugging, Bob reported to Gwyneth and subsequently peeked at her while she is unaware.

Bob proved to be a prominent ally in the battle against the Flame Spooky, visibly causing considerable amounts of damage with his abilities and dealing the final blow.

While trying to devise a way to get through an ogre blocking a bridge, Bob was ordered by an apparently deranged Phineas to execute Greeky, the Goblin merchant that was taken captive earlier. Bob was unable to bring himself to do so, however, and secretly released the Goblin. Bob failed to convince Phineas that he had done the job, but Phineas (under the effect of the Leader's Heartoak Staff) underwent a sudden, drastic change of heart and made out with Bob.

After falling for Jakelad's ploy to escape from the prison caravan, Bob was one of the last to recover from Jake's Lullaby. When he finally awoke, Bob assisted his squad and the remaining prisoners in holding off and eventually routing the Porc ambushers summoned by Jakelad. Shortly after the skirmish, Gwyneth announced that the previous prisoners would be pardoned due to their acts of valor. Bob then briefly shared a sentimental moment with Goggles as the two seemingly exchanged rings.

The New Crew

Later on, Bob decided that he would ask Gwyneth's hand in marriage and sought out passage to the Sunsword Summer Home via a pirate ship by the name of the Bocoe. There he traveled with the ragtag crew, even consisting of his one time lover, Phineas Barringster. Once Bob realized the extreme mental illness that Phineas was displaying, he sought nothing more than to continue on his quest for Gwyneth.

Once they arrived near the Island, Bob agreed to mostly empty the Sunsword mansion, leaving the Sunsword family unharmed and not alerting the townsfolk of the invasion. He kept his agreement, but later returned as a member of Virgo Sunsword's crew and was tasked with gathering the pirates to be taken to the Silvermine Mountains. He retrieved Octavius, but failed to notice Rick Snot hiding away.


Bob sailed away with the Sunsword crew and the captured Bocoe crew. It is unknown if he ever proposed or if Gwyneth accepted his proposal, though if he did, it was presumably rejected as she is still with Xavius come "The Silver Mine Mountains".