Borris Cobbler

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Borris Cobbler

Race Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Dreamweaver
Gender Male
Affiliations The Cobbler Family
Alias Papa
Status Alive
Portrayed By Roamin
First Appearance The Cobblers

Borris Cobbler is a Noble Born Elf Peasant played by Roamin in The Cobblers. Borris is a member of the prestigious Goblin Slaying Elven family of the Cobblers, and is the son of Eliza Cobbler, the husband of Beautressa Cobbler, and the father of Kristy Cobbler. Borris is the first known Dreamweaver and can perceive visions of the future and the past through seizures.



Borris is a male Noble Born Elf, with neatly parted hair and an average figure. He wears round glasses and is known for wearing dirtier clothes than the rest of his family.


Borris is a very family orientated man, often seen helping out his family whenever he can through his ability to control gusts of wind or with his ability to utilize his long tongue. However, is does not care for many people outside of his family, often pushing them to the side and ignoring them from the conversation. This may be in part due to being treated poorly as a child by outsiders, excluding his wife Beautrice. However his family does care a lot for him, as they understand his various personality quirks and accept him as is, such as his seizures and beetle eating habits.

Borris is also known to be very cheap, either refusing to pay his taxes or simply using it as an excuse to not spend tremendous amount of money on clothes and such.


Borris has a very close relationship with his family. He has a loving relationship with his wife that shows no signs of tarnishing soon, he is often willing and will do so to help out his daughter at any moment, and he treasures Grunsworth as an adopted father of sorts. His relationship with his mother, however, is more strained, as he feels she mistreated him the most in life. He does do what he can to help her out, but he often cites how she has left him in the past

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Borris Cobbler was born as the only known son to Eliza Cobbler and the patriarch to the Cobbler family. Eliza having done E.X.P. while she was pregnant with Borris, caused him to have an unnaturally long tongue and diminutive abilities compared to other Elves, leaving him to have a rather rough time making friends at school. Once his father left his mother, Borris was left to be raised by the family butler, Grunsworth, who was rather strick in his parentage.

Borris met his wife, Beautrice at a library while they where studying. They had several relationships at that library which lead into an eventual marriage and the birth of their daughter, Kristy.

The Cobblers

Borris and his family had taken a holiday vacation in the town of Chossal, where they were contracted by the locals to hunt down a den of Goblins who had been reported of kidnapping people across the town. Borris and his family were relaxing and having a conversation about how Borris and Beautressa met. But in the middle of the conversation, Borris experienced one of his seizures causing him to fall to the floor. While his family rushed to ease his episode and keep him from swallowing his tongue, Borris had a vision. A vision of the elven King being married, which was odd as the King has not yet taken a Queen. Before Borris could explain his dream, they where interrupt by a knock at the door: the knock of Reginald Barringster III. Initially, the Cobbler family ignored Reginald, as he was a Barringster, but eventually they let him inside where he could further explain the dealings with the Hobgoblins and further explain that these Goblins are actually Fleshweavers, a cult that has been kidnapping people quiet frequently.

Agreeing to helping the town, the Cobbler family and the Barringster set out to the nearby caves were the Goblins had taken as a base of operations. At the entrance to the cave they are met with two very strong Hobgoblins and a notable member of their society, Fabs the Hoboglin. They initiate a fight, however Borris' mother, Eliza, becomes mysteriously mind-controlled after being whispered by an unknown entity for a period of time. After a lengthy fight with them, and Borris failing an attempt to employ the services of a nearby Lowbear, the group manages to defeat the Hobgoblins leaving a dying Fabs at their feet. Much to Beautrice and Reginald's confusion, Borris and Eliza encourage Kristy to take Fabs' life and eat her heart as a symbol of passage in the Cobbler family. Once she does so, Borris praises her and they move on further into the cave where they meet a large river of still blood and various Goblins.

At the river of blood, they quickly dispatch a load of the Goblins and Borris attempts to cross the river, only to have another one of his seizures causing him to fall down again. While his mother and butler assist him, Borris gains another vision, this time about a Dwarven King commissioning a great blacksmith to create a sword made out of pure gold for his son. Once Borris awakens form his vision induced seizure, he find that the Goblins are actually Ageless and they are being attacked by Clockodiles. This caused another lengthy battle between the Ageless Goblins, the Clockodiles and the now mysteriously mind-controlled Kirsty. In the end, the Cobblers managed to kill all of the Ageless Goblins and the army of Clockodiles and Kirsty returned to normal.

The family continued deeper into the cave, were they were met again with an army of Goblins armed with rocks, rotten fruit and sticks. Reginald was initially hesitant about going headfirst into the battle, but was encouraged by the Cobbler family that they are Goblin Slayers, and they dive in magic-blazing. However, during the begining of the fight, Beautressa was affected by the same mysterious whispers, causing her to turn on her family.