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(Paladin Abilities)
(Paladin Abilities)
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===Paladin Abilities===
===Paladin Abilities===
*[[Divine Intervention]]
*[[Divine Intervention]]
*[[Honor Chain]]
*[[Honor Chains]]
*[[Lay on Hands]]
*[[Lay on Hands]]

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Race Kobold, Formerly Gnome
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Paladin
Gender Male
Alias No-Eye Bromas, Alpha Wolf
Status Alive
Portrayed By Coestar
First Appearance The Zarlin Catacombs

Bromas, better known as No-Eye Bromas is a Okagnoma Paladin played by Coestar for The Zarlin Catacombs campaign. Umong the group, he is referred to as Alpha Wolf, it is unknown if this is his official title in the Paladin Order.



Bromas has one eye, a large beard and wears a helmet.



The story of No-eyes and Reynel is a sad one. In the beginning he is shown to listen to her, gets his nickname from her, and even gets her to safety against the 3 Elemechs (albeit by punching her with a fist in the box), though it was after he was changed into a kobold and she revealed over the radio that she loved him that he truly realized he loved her and was heartbroken when she no longer loved him as a kobold with no nose.

Surgio and No-Eyes didn't really talk though he was very uncomfortable with his and Fantastico's sex-sessions, often advising Morgana to close her eyes. He seemed especially peeved Surgio used the Purification stone on himself solely to get "The Passion" back.

No-Eyes was really the only one who even cared that Morgana died even after he found out she had paid up front.

No-Eyes and Fantastico did not get along, especially after Fantastico took over the role of "Alpha Wolf".

Powers & Abilities


Paladin Abilities








The Zarlin Catacombs



  • Following Coe's naming conventions, No-Eye Bromas can be pronounced the same as no hay bromas, which translates to "No Jokes" or alternatively "No Tricks".