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|name= Bruce Willakers
|name= Bruce Willakers

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Rob, I want to use an interrupt. Warning! The following page contains spoilers for the most recent campaign! Oh no!

Bruce Willakers
AffiliationGrand Paladin Order
Relationships*Son: Lance Willakers
  • Child: Chance
  • Child: Romance
  • Children (twins): Freelance and Emance
  • Child: Bruce junior
  • Child: Bruce II the sequel to Bruce Willakers Willakers
AliasKing of the Dwarves, Old Man Willakers, Grand Paladin
  • Azveltara Z
  • A Night to Remember
  • The Lightbeards
  • SeasonsSeason Three

    Bruce Willakers was one of the first of the Dwarves to be made by Thor, and was the first Grand Paladin.



    Bruce has a large, braided, white beard, and is often seen bare-chested.


    Notable Attributes


    Virgo Sunsword

    Virgo and Bruce are very close friends and have fought alongside each other many times in the past. Bruce trusted Virgo to help him defeat Virendra's dragon form. A fight which cost Virgo his eye.

    Lance Willakers

    Bruce's son. Not much is know about their relationship other than Bruce having Lance spend much of his formative years under the care of a babysitter Douglass Winechester.

    Virendra Willakers

    Being made for each other by Thor, Virendra and Bruce and very close. They frequently wrestle with Virendra often winning (due to her own strength and not Bruce going easy on her). They have had 12 children together (insert children's names). And the love and respect they had for each other caused Virendra to give her life to save Bruce from Thor, only to then evolve into a dragon which Bruce with help from Virgo, had to reluctantly kill.

    Douglass Winechester

    Lance's Babysitter. Bruce acknowledges Douglass wisdom but does know to take it with a grain of salt.



    Bruce was created by the God of Thunder Thor, along with the other 11 dwarven families and his wife Virendra. Years after their creation Thor decided to leave the dwarves but while he was leaving he gave Bruce the Eternal Flame, which was given to him by Ouro'ras. Thor tied the Flame to Bruce's soul making him the first Grand Paladin. Bruce would become known for being an idol for the light, as well as empowering light magic users across the realm.

    Azveltara Z

    Bruce participated in Fighting Power 8. He defeated Nisovin in the quarter-finals, but lost to Kuroyami in the semi-finals. He is referred to, by the announcers, as "The Suicide King."

    A Night to Remember

    Bruce storms the Hallow's Graveyard with his companion Virgo Sunsword to assist the party in the battle with the Ageless and bring them to safety.

    The Lightbeards


    As revealed in The Lightbeards campaign, the dwarven king Ghostblade assassinated in The Last Beenu was Bruce Willakers. Shortly after Virgo Sunsword would perform the spell Final Gift connecting not only his soul to Bruce's but also the Eternal Flame.


    • Bruce is a character from one of Rob's previous projects - Dwarves vs Zombies. He was the central character in the project, and shared his appearance and many of his personality traits and some story with the URealms incarnation.