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|[[File:Sly_Icon.png|100px|link=Sly Johnson]] [[Sly Johnson|Deputy Sly Johnson]]
|[[File:Sly_Icon.png|100px|link=Sly Johnson]] [[Sly Johnson]]
|[[Dwarf#Tall Dwarf|Tall]] [[Dwarf]]
|[[Dwarf#Tall Dwarf|Tall]] [[Dwarf]]

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Original Air Date: Oct 15th, 2016
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Unexpected Discovery
The Fall of Dundinborough
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The Law has arrived to the Silverflats after a recent gang known as The Murder Bros recently attacked the town, derailed a train, and killed the local Sheriff. Their investigation will lead them right to the hideout of the these wanted criminals where a showdown is destined to take place.



Character Race Class Player
Jax Blartowitz Icon.png Jax Blartowitz Porc Sheriff Justin
Lann McRoberts Icon.png Lann McRoberts Tall Dwarf Swashbuckler Nisovin
Reno Gillgully Icon.png Reno Gillgully Okagnoma Gnome Bard Deadbones
Sly Johnson Icon.png Sly Johnson Tall Dwarf Lumberjack Coestar


Character Race Class
Sallazar Thornblade Icon.png Sallazar Thornblade Dwarf
Galen Sunsword Icon.png Galen Sunsword Elf Paladin/Warrior/Sun Cleric
Bubs Icon.png Bubs Porc
Tubs Icon.png Tubs Porc
Borracho Icon.png Borracho Triton Ground Kobold Bandito
Conner Icon.png Conner Triton Ground Kobold Spellthief
Johnny Feo Icon.png Johnny Feo Hobgoblin Kobold Spellslinger
Orvan Weiss Icon.png Orvan Weiss Noble Born Elf Spellthief
Empusa Icon.png Empusa Kobold
100px Chimera Kobold Sorcerer
Ted Icon.png Ted Bone Wizard Commander Wizard

Battle Encounters


The Campaign begins with the group already in The Silverflats, at the site of one of the Murder Bros' attacks. Jax had received word from a friend of his - Sallazar Thornblade, also know as Chicken Head - to come and help obtain justice for the town. The party explore a broken down carriage on the road, and find some hair ties alongside a bloodied note from Empusa. Having explored all there is to see on this side of the Flats, the group cross over the river and into the nearby town in search of more clues, instead finding a bloody mess. As they enter, they are approached by Galen Sunsword on moose-back, who questions why the group is here. As they converse, the group hear someone playing a piano in the local bar, and enter to find Sallazar - who proceeds to tell them about the massacre. After gaining some information about the events of the Murder Bros Campaign, Galen questions as to whether Sallazar knew anything about the prisoner they were transporting - keeping the precise details hidden from everyone except Sly, who is psychic - but gains no useful information. Looking to deal with the dangerous group of Bandits, Galen enlists the party to help track down the Murder Bros - paying 5000 gold for Lann’s services - and Sallazar unearths a hidden cache of weapons and treasure to aid the party on their mission. Now looking for more clues on the Murder Bros location, the party head out to the derailed train.

The party arrive at the site of the derailed train, taking in the sight of the wreckage. Galen notes that it seems quite mysterious that the train managed to derail, given that there was nothing it could have hit to derail it. As Galen argues with Reno over the existence of another carriage that the train could have collided with, one of the Elves travelling with Galen is picked off by a Vhark, that has begun attacking the party. During the combat, 2 more Vharks begin to assault the group, managing to combine their powers to create a massive tornado causing large amounts of damage to the party. Furthermore, the Vharks begin to shoot lasers from their eyes in an attempt to critically wound an already damaged party - managing to knock down Lann, who attempts to battle through his injuries and continue fighting. Eventually, the group manage to valiantly defeat the Vharks using their combined strengths, impressing Galen. During the combat, one of the Sunswords finds an unsigned bloodied note near the wreckage of the train, which Galen cannot discern much about - only finding reference to “Orvan Weiss”, a name none of them recognize (except for Reno, incorrectly believing him to be his father). Galen mentions that the note is actually a bloodline tome, a way of sending a message to any of their blood relatives with ease. While this discussion is going on, Sallazar approaches Lann to pass down a sword belonging to one of the greatest Sharp Swordsmen in his family, claiming that it would be an honor for Lann to now wield it. Exhausting everything to do at the wreckage of the train, the group return to the tavern.

Back at the tavern, Galen once again commends the party for their combat prowess, cheering drinks with them. Galen starts to converse with the group about their personal lives, many of the characters opening up about themselves to each other. Galen, gaining a true appreciation for the party, invites them all to accompany him back to the Sunsword Kingdom once they are done with their mission. He also reveals all the information they hold on Chimera to the party, before giving the party a blessing from the Sunswords - empowering them before their upcoming conflict with the Murder Bros. The group talk with Sallazar, and conclude that the Murder Bros will be hiding in one of three caves - opting to first check an abandoned mineshaft. Finishing their drinks, the group head out in search of the Murder Bros.

The party arrive at the entrance to the abandoned mineshaft, and notice the cartels of the Murder Bros carrying dragon scales to the mine carts, to deposit them further inside of the mine. They also notice two Porcs - Bubs and Tubs - guarding the entrance. Galen leaves the rest of his Sunsword entourage hiding behind them, lying in wait in case anyone tries to escape the mines. The party moves forward, preparing to tackle the guards, but as they do the party begin to hallucinate - being hit by the E.X.X.X.P. Ale that Sallazar spiked them with at the bar. The party eventually recover - after a vivid trip where they fought a ludicrously powerful version of Bubs and Tubs, resulting in all of the party being wiped (except for Sly, who dispelled himself in the middle of the fight) - and see that Sly, Galen and his Sunsword allies have managed to defeat the cartels at the cave entrance while the rest of the party were on the floor in a drugged up state. Recovering quickly, the party shake themselves off and head deeper into the Murder Bros Cave.

Heading into the Murder Mines, Galen uses some dynamite to open up a side passage into a closed off storage room, inside of which the group find some minor supplies for the Murder Bros - alongside more sticks of dynamite for use further in the mines. Jax uses his dynamite to open another such passage, finding some abandoned tents near a recently lit campfire. Finding nothing of importance - and failing to open a small chest - the group continue down the side passage, only to have the path cave in behind them. Galen conjures a light to let the party continue through the darkness, finding a dead end with a giant treasure chest, containing a decent sum of gold and some treasure. Furthermore, Galen finds another page from the bloodline tome, perturbing the party from the treacherous words contained within. After some dire conversation, Lann uses his dynamite to let the party escape the side passage, and they return to the minecart tracks in the main section of the cave, making their way through the Murder Mines. The party deviate from the tracks once more, heading off into another storage area - and finding 3 dwarven miners who have lost their minds. The mindless Dwarves start following Sly, seemingly non-aggressive to the party. Finding nothing of interest in the supply room, the group return to the main track and delve deeper into the mines. Sly uses his dynamite to open one last passage, and the party go through - finding themselves face to face with the Murder Bros in one last room. Seeing the law enforcement arrive, Empusa makes a quick escape, while Chimera and the rest of the Murder Bros begin to attack Galen and the party.

As the fight breaks out, Galen and Chimera charge straight at each other, locking themselves in their own personal conflict. The battle rages on, with both sides evenly matched - and Jax constantly being conflicted by the temptations of the Murder Bros - but with the Sharp Swordsman cutting through the Bros, the mindless dwarves dynamite bombing the Bros, and Sly using his Arcano Paintbomb to make Johnny Feo bombard himself with his projectiles - the group eventually manage to overpower the Murder Bros, with Galen chaining up Chimera, and the Murder Bros being arrested - sans Orvan Weiss, who escaped into the shadows. Rounding everyone up, Galen congratulated the party on their work in dealing with the criminals, and convinced Jax to continue working for the Law, and to not go into retirement just yet. With the Murder Bros lying beaten at the hands of the law, the story concludes.

Supporter Events

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The Aftermath
Vharks Vharks Vharks Thornblade's Katana
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The Murder Bros Murder Bros, Part 1

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Character Creation - Episode 0 Oct 14, 2016
Episode 1 Oct 16, 2016
Episode 2 Oct 16, 2016
Episode 3 Oct 16, 2016
Episode 4 Oct 17, 2016
Episode 5 Oct 17, 2016
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Episode 7 Oct 18, 2016
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Finale - Episode 9 Oct 18, 2016
Behind the Scenes Oct 26, 2016
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  • This campaign is a direct sequel to a previous campaign, Murder Bros. It is the 2nd Campaign to be a Direct Sequel.
  • This is the first Campaign that features two full parties from two separate Campaigns fighting each other.
  • This is the second Live Campaign to have a special guest on it.
  • This is the 8th Campaign to have all of its Supporter Events funded.