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* N/A, accessories weren't introduced until [[Jewel of the Dingo Isles]] campaign.
* N/A, accessories weren't introduced until [[The Jewel of the Dingo Isles]] campaign.

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Ca-Rell RadioactiveK.png
Race Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Warrior
Gender Female
Affiliations Theta Squad, Porcs
Relatives An Unnamed Brother
  • Captain Ca-Rell of Danaver
  • New Porbo
  • Pizza Face
Status Alive
Portrayed By Deadbones
First Appearance Porc Hunters
— Lieutenant Captain Ca-Rell

Captain Ca-Rell of Danaver (/kæ.ɹɛl/) is a female Elf Warrior played by Deadbones that appeared in the Porc Hunters campaign. She is the former captain of Theta Squad and was in command of Templeton Barringster, Elmar, and Denada. She is now the new leader of a hoard of Porcs.




Ca-Rell is energetic and always ready for a fight. She desperately wants her team, the Theta Squad, to become the best squad in the Elven Army and its members to become to best among the best. As a team leader, she is rather intelligent and well versed in combat strategy. She is very loyal to and protective of her teammates, frequently using Blockade and Chivalry to take damage for her soldiers to the point of risking her life to save DeNada's. Although she is usually obedient of the law, she is willing to turn a blind eye to her squadron members mishaps, even overlooking Elmar accidental decapitation of another Elf. While she usually tries to inspire her soldiers by giving speeches and motivating them with the promise of glory, she was in the beginning not very good at them and commandeered no respect among her troops, having to resort to bribery with promises of future Treasures and pay raises. Midway through the journey she even tries to motivate her members by giving them higher ranks, which actually works. Near the end of the campaign she has grown into a capable leader respected by her teammates, even inspiring bravery among them in the face of a giant Porc horde.

Although she is friendly to most people she encounters and she usually tries to solve her problems with diplomacy (even with the Porc horde she was tasked to eradicate), she has, just like most elves, a deep-seeded and enormous hatred for Goblins, viewing them as 'vile and despicable beings, truly the scum of the earth'. Not only did she take part in a group beating of a single Goblin after laughing at its failures, after having defeated a band of Goblin Thieves she made sure that all Goblins were killed, even the ones just knocked unconscious.



Elmar and Ca-Rell go along well. He was the only member of the team to obey her orders at the beginning, and she trusts him the most. He was the first to be promoted by her hand, and at the end he was chosen to serve as her replacement as captain of the team.


At the beginning, DeNada and Ca-Rell did not go along well. He refused to obey her orders, only moving when tempted with the promise of Treasure or pay raises, and even then didn't do his job. Ca-Rell however refused to give up on him, slowly getting him to befriend her and after saving his in the Whisper Snake battle, DeNada started to rapidly open up to her and the team. At the end of the Campaign, she trusts DeNada completely, even giving him a promotion.

Templeton Barringster VII

While at the beginning Templeton and Ca-Rell had a mostly neutral relationship, this started to heavily change for the worse during their mission. Ca-Rell is frequently annoyed by his pompous attitude and fails to notice the contributions he made to the team, viewing him as a slacker. Although she promised him 'they would work on this issue', they never did and their relationship went completely south when she refused to give him any credit after the fight with Porbo and giving his younger brother a spot in the Theta Squad.

Phineas Barringster

Although she cares for the life of the youth, as she postponed her mission to mount a rescue form him, it is mostly because the death of a child will look negatively on her report. After he impresses her by breaking out of prison by himself, outdoing his brother in combat, she starts to recognise his abilities and promptly offers him a spot on the team.


While she is polite and respectful towards Dave, this is mostly so that he would put in a good word to Gwyneth. When in private, she is both jealous and resentful towards him due to being part of the Alpha Squad.

Notable Attributes

  • Very good swimmer.
  • Flare Fist, a custom version of Flare designed to explode when she punches her opponent

Powers & Abilities







Porc Hunters


Ca-Rell became leader of the porcs after defeating Porbo and left the leadership of Theta Squad to Elmar.


  • The correct spelling of Ca-Rell was confirmed by Deadbones on Reddit. [[1]]
  • Ca-Rell's full name, Captain Ca-Rell of Danaver, is a reference to Carol Danvers aka Ms. Marvel. [2]