Cecilia Granger

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Cecilia Granger

Nimbus Cloud.png
Race Nimbus Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Gender Female
Affiliations The Sunswords
Relatives Husband: Nathaniel Granger
Status Alive
Portrayed By None
First Appearance The Death of Virgo

Cecilia Granger is a Nimbus Elf that appeared in The Death of Virgo Side Quest. She is the familiar of Nathaniel Granger, her husband, and helps him in his assignments.



Cecilia is described as very beautiful.


Cecilia is a kind soul, but has also been known to argue with her husband.


Nathaniel Granger

Cecilia's (or as her husband often calls her, Cece) relationship with her husband is complicated at best. Because her Nimbus form is tied to him, he is the only one who can truly hear her, and the two communicate through telepathy. However, because the two can never consummate their marriage, this leads to a double standard set by Nathan. He can freely go out with other women to satisfy his needs, while Cecilia cannot go out with any ghost men or she'll be accused of being unfaithful. Nonetheless, the two appear to still have a strong, loving relationship.

Virgo Sunsword

It is unknown weather Cecilia has any feelings towards Vrigo, or if she ever had them to begin with.

Powers & Abilities

Companion Abilities



Cecilia Granger grew up in a small town with Nathaniel Granger, who was her future husband. On the day of her wedding, their lord, Virgo Sunsword, demanded to have her. Nathaniel refused, causing Virgo to kidnap her. When Nathaniel found them, Cecilia had been murdered by Virgo. When she was resurrected as a Nimbus Cloud by Nathaniel, she and Virgo told him that nothing happened before her death.

Over the years, Cecilia accompanied Nathaniel as he rose through the ranks of the Sunswords, but also edged him on to move on from her death. However, she was still very present in his life.

The Death of Virgo

Cecilia accompanied the party on their mission, and often aided them by teleporting things, being a lookout, or aiding them in any what she can. During the final encounter with the Flesh Monstrosity she disappeared only to reform after the dust settled.


She was last seen after the final encounter reappearing shortly after the boss fell. She is presumed to still travel with Nathaniel Granger.