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This is a list of all characters appearing in the Coe's Quest series.

Main Characters[edit]

Main Characters
Character Race Class Voice Actor
Coe Icon.png Coe Tall Dwarf Coestar
Kinney Boots Icon.png Kinney Boots Seaswagger Kobold Swashbuckler Deadbones
Roamin Icon.png Roamin Tall Dwarf Paladin Rob
Phineas Barringster Icon.png Phineas Barringster Noble Born Elf Cabalist Rob

Minor Characters and Cameos[edit]

Coe's Quest Minor Characters
Character Race Class Notes
Merci Icon.png Captain Merci Gravehoof Porc Buccaneer Was beaten up by Coe in the tavern in Episode 1.
Unknown Bearzerker Icon.png Unknown Bearserked Berserker Unknown Berserker Was slain by Coe in Episode 3.

Non-URealms-Related Cameos[edit]

  • Temmie from Undertale- In the tavern in episode one, at a table with Necomi
  • Necomi, Coe's wife- In the tavern in episode one, at a table with Temmie