Chilly Willy

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"No one wins"

— Chilly Willy Champion Elmar

Chilly Willy is a game played in the URealms universe, first seen in Porc Hunters. The game involves two competitors placing their genitals on a block of ice, with the first one to remove it losing the game. A recurring joke in Porc Hunters involves Elmar playing the game, often against DeNada and Dave. In The Silvermine Mountains, the Chilly Willy game returns, with Elmar and DeNada playing against each other during their guard duty breaks. Following a battle against the Cult of Bones members, the two play a game against each other. DeNada summoned Corporal Ice Lord during the match, freezing Elmar's penis to the block before shattering it.


  • The exact details of the game were unknown throughout Porc Hunters, and not fully revealed until The Silvermine Mountains campaign.
    • In a Tuesday Talk Stuff episode following Porc Hunters, Justin revealed the details of the game as well as the punishment for the loser: having to grind a snow cone from the ice and consume it. The game itself has been canonized, but the punishment remains unseen.
  • The Theta Squad considered playing this game with Porbo as an attempt to appease him, but decided against it.
    • It was shown in Battle of the Bards that Porcs do not have genitals, so he could not have accepted the challenge if they had issued it.