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Chimera PH Puppet.png
Race Kobold
Class Sorcerer/Theurgist
Gender Male
Affiliations Himself
Status Unknown
First Appearance Porc Hunters

Chimera is a very powerful Kobold Sorcerer/Theurgist.



Powers and Abilites


Cursed Treasure

Sorcerer Abilities

Theurgist Abilities





Porc Hunters

When Theta Squad found Chimera, he was locked in a prison transport heading to the Silvermine Mountains for stealing from the Elves, being escorted by a group of Elves led by Dave. He was referred to as the Greatest Criminal of the lands. As Ca-Rell and Dave were having a conversation, Chimera broke free of the wagon, picked up his treasures and began attacking the Elves. However, Chimera was defeated by Theta Squad and returned to the custody of Dave, where he was presumably taken to the Silvermine Mountains.


Chimera was being taken to the Silvermine Mountains. As the entire mountain collapsed in The Silvermine Mountains campaign, his current status is unknown.


  • Chimera was added to the game via a donation event, the majority believing that this Kobold was actually Philhipé.
  • N'locnil is Lincoln backwards.
  • Chimera dual wields his Windfury Blades in each hand, and holds his Warp Blade in his mouth, allowing him to triple wield.
  • Chimera is the only known non-Elf character known to be able to dual-class, possessing both Sorcerer and Theurgist skills.
  • Chimera may be the brother of Maelstrom.
  • For the final campaign of season 1, there was a possibility that the story could revolve around Philhipé and his transformation into Chimera. In other words, Philhipé and Chimera were the same person. However, since this campaign never happened, this is not confirmed as canon. If anything, it was confirmed as not canon in a behind-the-scenes by Rob, stating that they were two different people, though this needs to be confirmed at the table.