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The class of a character in Unforgotten Realms Live determines the abilities that the character has. During character creation, each player chooses a class and three abilities within that class. Some races or sub-races, such as the Elf, may pick abilities from multiple classes. Classes and their abilities are continuously being balanced in updates by Rob as they are playtested.

Official Classes

These are the classes that have been made available for an official campaign of Unforgotten Realms Live, and and the players' characters that have used each class.


The Bard class within Unforgotten Realms Live is notable for being a support and utility caster with the ability to deceive or manipulate enemies. Whether controlling characters with Charm or putting enemies to sleep with Lullaby, the Bard is living proof that actions, or in the Bard's case, lyrics, can be louder than words.

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The Berserker Class is a supremely aggressive Tank class meant to deal large amounts of damage and take large amounts of damage, especially in unfavourable situations.

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Booty Raider

Booty Raider is a class that specializes in the collecting treasure cards for either the major stat build up or the destruction of treasure cards for a devastating final attack.

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Buccaneer is a class that acts as a pirate-themed support, allowing them to buff allies, increase normal attack counts, and healing allies in a pinch at the cost of their own stamina.

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The Cabalist relies heavily on offensive dark magic attacks, at the cost of significant stamina.

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The Lumberjack is a direct combat class that packs a serious punch. The Lumberjack's skill set excels in both large and single-target fights, with Earthquake and Yodel acting as fantastic crowd control, and Mount having various uses. The Lumberjack may sleep all night and work all day, but enemies best not get in his way.

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The Magician performs a wide range of utility skills in an often dramatic display. In a classic feat, Magicians can pull randomly generated spells out of their hats to do with as they please.

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The Monk is a playable class prominently seen in the first campaign, the Nuren Campaign. The monk uses a variety of tactics focused on harnessing the power from deep within.

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The Paladin is a class prominently seen in the first campaign, the Nuren Campaign. Capable of wielding the extremely powerful Divine Intervention and able to buff up the team, the presence of a Paladin can serve a prominent role in keeping the party fighting even when all looks bleak.

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The Puppeteer exploits a mysterious power to control the minds and bodies of friends and foes alike. Allies may find themselves tapping into unfamiliar potential while enemies are in a constant disarray. Always pulling the strings, the Puppeteer will leave others doubting their own willpower.

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The Rouge is a dominant seductress who is rarely seen unattended by a consort. One way or another, the Rouge's partner is highly motivated in combat.

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The Sorcerer is one of the most prominent classes within Unforgotten Realms Live. Gifted in the magical arts, the Sorcerer can use a variety of multi-purpose skills to buff allies, reposition, confuse, or even cause a moderate amount of damage. A very well-rounded class, the Sorcerer can fit well into almost any party.

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The Swashbuckler is a pirate-themed, mixed-focus class that can force targets to focus on themselves, while being agile throughout the map.

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Sun Cleric

The Sun Cleric can harness the power of the Sun to smite foes and rejuvenate allies. The Sun Cleric's abilities may also create or detonate Suntiles which can deal massive damage to those who don't watch their step.

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The Thane upholds a commanding presence on the battlefield. With a hammer in each hand and authority over lightning, the Thane owns the front lines.

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The Theurgist is a class that mainly relies on their elemental abilities to attack enemies or call upon other NPCs to help them and their party.

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The Warrior class is your tank that is always beneficial to any one in the party. They normally use up their turns in support to their team by taking heavy loads of damage, or by blocking it. They could also take the other route and deal tons of damage by going full-blown melee, and through the use of their environment (generally tossing them in hazards).

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The Wizard is a class that relies heavily on offensive magic to attack enemies. Wizards have a large amount of Area of Effect (AoE) attacks to choose from.

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