Coe's Quest

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Coe's Quest will be on hold for a while due to it being a low priority project and Coe being busy!
Coe's Quest
CQ Logo.png
February 13, 2016

Coe's Quest is a spin off animation show set in the URealms Live universe. The show is animated by Coestar, written by Coe, Rob and Deadbones, all of whom provide voices for the characters.

Series Information[edit]

The series follows Coe, Roamin, Kinney Boots and Phineas Barringster. It is currently known that Roamin, Kinney and Phineas often get in discussion and arguments while Coe wanders off to do his own quest. During the season finale, it will supposedly be revealed to the audience as to what Coe's Quest is and what he was doing while the other characters are busy.


A complete list of characters can be found here.

Main Characters[edit]

Main Characters
Character Race Class Voice Actor
Coe Icon.png Coe Tall Dwarf Coestar
Kinney Boots Icon.png Kinney Boots Seaswagger Kobold Swashbuckler Deadbones
Roamin Icon.png Roamin Tall Dwarf Paladin Rob
Phineas Barringster Icon.png Phineas Barringster Noble Born Elf Cabalist Rob

Episode Guide[edit]

# Title Airdate
01 Episode 1 – WHERE DO BABIES COME FROM? Feburary 13, 2016
02 Episode 2 – IF YOU QUIT ON LIFE, YOU QUIT ON ME March 31, 2016
03 Episode 3 – WHAT'S A GEM LICKER? June 20, 2016
04 Episode 4 – GLAD TO BE BORN STEVE! Jan 4th, 2019