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This article is about the player, if you are looking for the Coe's Quest character, see: Coe (Coe's Quest)
Real NameJustin
RolePlayer, Artist
AffiliationBuffalo Wizards, Mindcrack
FirstThe Nuren Campaign

Coestar is a member of the Buffalo Wizards and has appeared in every campaign of URealms Live yet. Coestar is also the artist for the current set of cards used in the game, as well as the animator of Coe's Quest.


Season One
Gracias Icon.png DeNada Icon.png Merci Icon.png Dankie Icon.png
Gracias Corporal DeNada Captain Merci Dankie
100px Dave Icon.png Nate Tack Icon.png Kopie Ren Icon.png
Don Key Dave Davidson Nate Tack Kopie Ren
Bromas Kobold Icon.png Rick Snot Icon.png Trusty Neconni Icon.png
No-Eye Bromas Rick Snot Trusty Neconni
Season Two
Alessa Stonemason Icon.png Suzanna Sophia Sorrella Icon.png
Alessa Stonemason Suzanna Sophia
Side Quests
Slap Icon.png Gear Man Icon.png Emit Crank BSQ Puppet.png CoestarGamePiece.png
Slap Gear Man Emit Crank Ghana Ens Sin

Play Style

Coestar has taken to playing relatively "good" characters throughout the campaigns. He mostly plays more passive characters, generally focusing on strategy and diplomacy, and is willing to take one for the team.

Pets and Allies

Coe has a tendency to find or create pets and allies to help the party through their adventure.

  • In The Nuren Campaign he turned Randall into his Nimbus to help the party.
  • In Roamin's Band of Thieves he befriended Philhipé and caused him to join the them.
  • In Porc Hunters he created an Ice Elemental named Ice Lord that became a member of Theta Squad.
  • While he didn't create a pet in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles, by the end of the adventure he did help save some puppies, one of which becomes his after the adventure and which his character raised for further adventures, appearing later in The New Crew.
  • In The Many Gobos of Pat he has a pet comb he names Scott. In addition, with his ability Mount he takes control of Giant Ramsters for a short while. He was intended to get a pet Donkey, however when it was thrown into the arena for him it killed him causing Coe to start playing as The Donkey.
  • While he didn't have a pet in The Sunswords, he did get a staff that allowed him to control the mind of whoever leads him. He used this staff to make potential enemies his ally by temporarily making them his leader and controlling them.
  • In The Zarlin Catacombs he bought a pot puppy, which he named Steven. Steven the Pot Puppy was later killed by the Bennu Death Machine, but he was put into a soul puppet. Sadly the Soul Puppet Steven spends the rest of his days in the giant chasm, with Morgan Marie and Prism.


  • All of Coe's characters (Dave and Gear Man excluded) have been based off puns.
    • Many of which around the words "thanks", "you're welcome" or "no tricks".
  • Coestar appeared during the Dank Dungeons and Dragons campaign as Coebat.
  • The first season of URealms Live was streamed on Coestar's Twitch channel, even though Rob is the "host" of the show.
  • Coestar streams every day on his Twitch channel, and has done so since December 5, 2013.
  • Coestar is the first player to have referred to Rob, the Game Master, at the table. He calls him "the Voice in the Sky."
  • Coestar is the first player to have one of his characters die, in campaign 4, The Many Gobos of Pat.
  • Coestar has chosen the Dwarf race for all 3 of the current sidequests that it was given as an option.

External Links

Coe's Twitch channel - Hosted URealms Live Season One streams.