Colin the Behemoth

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Colin the Behemoth
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  • The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
  • The Skeleton King
  • The Yes King
  • SeasonsSeason One Season Two Season Four

    Colin the Behemoth is a giant sea-dwelling creature that lives in The Drink. It a somewhat of a legend amongst sailors and is worshiped as a god by the Cult of Bones. He is Bopen's pet.


    Colin the Behemoth is fond of fish and will seek out any large source of them it can find, including passing ships. As it searches it lets out a ghastly moan that can be misinterpreted as whale sounds or, to the superstitious, ghostly wails. It has bad eye sight and will bump into ships multiple times before bringing the ship to a dead hault. Once stopped it will send up four tentacles, two on each side on the ship, to feel around for anything of interest. It will loosely grab anything on the deck including passengers and crates, however as long as it has been not been provoked you can slip your way out of its tentacles without it noticing. A light attack will also cause it to drop any thing it's carrying as long as it's not provoked. If attacked with cannons it will attempt to rip them out of the ship to prevent further attacks. After being provoked it will attempt to rock the ship back and forth to capsize it throwing the crew off of it. If a Behemoth rips off the arm of a sailor however there is a chance they will gain a Behemoth Arm. Once a tentacle has a firm grasp of something or it is damaged enough it will sink back down into the ocean.


    Rock the Boat[edit]

    Colin uses its sheer mass and tentacles to push the ship, causing everyone on it to get shifted a tile to the left or the right.


    The Jewel of the Dingo Isles[edit]

    Colin the Behemoth was first seen when it attacked the Bocoe in The Jewel of the Dingo Isles. It stalked the ship in an incredibly dense fog until it ran into it multiple times. It then grabbed the ship stopping it completely. After McCoy fired an arrow at it to no avail, it started feeling around on the ship and grabbed McCoy and Captain Merci only for them to slip out of its grasp only moments later. It then started grabbing boxes of supplies on the deck. McCoy then knocked crates out of two of the tentacles and used Grandpa Ashes to paralyze one. Captain Merci, who had had his crew loading the cannons while this was happening fired upon 3 of the tentacles dealing 20 damage to two of them and scorching the third while covering it with Fish Soup. It then ripped out the front port side canon and sunk it to the bottom of the ocean. The behemoth then grabbed McCoy's right arm and ripped it off. However moments later McCoy grew a Behemoth Arm. McCoy then fought back using his new found abilities and the arms on the starboard side then both started focusing on him. McCoy then retreated down into the hold and the cannons were fired again dealing major damage causing three of the tentacles to sink back into the ocean. The remaining tentacle was then attacked by Jo Krysstal using his Dragonskin Bow. The tentacle then rocked the ship causing Octivias to fly off the deck into the water. McCoy then turned his focus on saving Octivias while Jo retreated to the hold and Kinney Boots chased down and brutally murdered Jakelad who had moments earlier run out and started praising the Behemoth as a member of the Cult of Bones. The last tentacle then rocked the boat one last time causing McCoy and Octivias back onto the deck allowing the final blow to be dealt to the tentacle and causing it to final retreat to the bottom of the ocean.

    The Skeleton King[edit]

    During The Skeleton King campain, Cothilin is used by Bopen as the "initiation ritual" for the new crew members.

    After attacking a ship for new members, such as Are'ani, to join the crew; followed by the acquisition of a few more recruits in a tavern near the coast of Dundinborough, Bopen's ship took course towards the spot where Colin was located. The new members of the ship were asked to fight the Behemoth, which prompted 4 tentacles to rise to the sides of the ship.

    The battle commenced, each party member taking different positions on the ship based on their roles.

    Tobias Cragg ordered to shoot the cannons even if there were no tentacles in front of the cannons at that moment. He later excused this by saying that he made the order to prevent Colin from attacking the cannons and preventing damage on them. One of the cannons that was fired was loaded with Patches' body, who still was in stone form. A death roll was made to determine Patches' destiny, which he passed. His location or future is undetermined at the moment. As the battle continued, the crew manning the cannons managed to get some hits in the tentacles, but the tentacles destroyed 2 cannons, one broken by being smashed and other shattering in pieces after Jamboree was forced to Bearserk, as he was grabbed by one of the tentacles and being dragged into the sea. In this fight it was revealed that Colin is able to grow spikes out of it's suction cups, and that Tobias Cragg owns a collection of tiny knifes, which apparently he shares with the crew members working at the cannons with him.

    Luca asked for Fat Frank's help and started trying to chop some parts of the tentacle, pressumably thinking about using them as ingredients for future meals. Frank took important damage from a tentacle smash and ended up in the water, forcing Luca to go and help him up on the ship again. However, Frank dropped the bucket containing the "tentacle bits", making Luca to shoot him on the head by following a previous threat. After rolling a 20 on the following death roll, Frank turned the gun into Luca, forcing him to take the damage and immediately diving back into the water to recover the lost ingredients. After a while, Frank appeared holding into a tentacle, which Luca tried to cut. In the battle that ensued, Luca accidentally killed Frank with a lost bullet to his head.

    Are'ani tried to fight alongside other ageless without much success, falling in the ocean and tripping on the ship while trying to cast Nova Flame, which she tried to cover as "drying myself".

    Clott suggests to Krungor that he should try to pull on one of the tentacles. Krungor follows the orders, and spends the rest of the fight tug-of-waring one of the tentacles. At the end of the battle he looks prepared to cast a spell, but Bopen interrupts him by ending the battle singlehandedly. Clott, ss the quartermaster of the ship, has seen the fight with Colin countless times, so he spends most of the fight making small talk with Ghostblade. After a while, he asks Ghostblade if she could deal with the Behemoth, which she agrees to and proceeds to jump into the ocean, trying to go for Colin itself. After a while, Ghostblade appears being overpowered by 3 tentacles. After the fight, Clott expresses his disappointment with Ghostblade's performance, who later reveals that it was a distraction that allowed her to kill a crew member that was thinking about mutiny. "It's convoluted, but it allows me to mantain my character's persona as a total badass" -Ghostblade, after explaining the distraction plan to Clott.

    Even though the battle started with 4 tentacles, after a few rounds of combat Colin raised countless tentacles out of the water. This was supposed to signify the end of combat, as Bopen got out of his cabin ready to finish the battle. However, after Bopen rolled a 1, the battle wasn't able to end there and the combat continued for 1 extra round with the increased number of tentacles. In Bopen's next turn he interrupted Krungor, who was about to cast a spell, and proceeded defeat the Behemoth by making his sword cut through every tentacle and ripping one of them with his magic.

    The Yes King[edit]


    • In The Skeleton King Colin is referred to as Cothlin by Bopen, however this was simply due to his accent, and is referred to as Colin once again in The Yes King.
      • Colin and the The Cult of Bones are references to a group in Lords of Minecraft called the Cult of Deadbones, a cult dedicated to Lord Deadbones and things associated with him, like coal and a behemoth in Deadbones' secret base named Colin.
    • Colin the Behemoth and The Ageless One may be somehow related, due to the Cult of Bones worshiping and/or revering both of them.
      • Colin might have something to do with Deadlantis.
      • In The Skeleton King, Bopen uses Colin as an test to see if the new recruits are strong enough to join Bopen's crew.