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Coober TUW1 Puppet.png
SeasonsSeason Two

Coober is a Wizard who runs Floor 10 in The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.


Coober's first canonical appearance was in The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One, where he ran a trivia room on Floor 10 of The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry.


The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry: Chapter One[edit]

Coober has a game-show-like setup on floor 10 in The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry. Here, he rewarded Trandon Barringster, Rhedmun Kriel and Buford Flannigan with points for correctly answering various questions. He gave Rhedmun Kriel a "legendary item" for having the most points, though the item was simply a Spoon of Bent Realities, as Rhedmun had lost one earlier in the tower. For having the second highest amount of points, Coober gave Buford a Tambok Ticket.

After questioning the party members, Coober challenged them to a battle. If the party won, Coober would let them continue to the next floor. However, because Buford used Charm on Coober, Coober decided against the battle, and let the party continue to Floor 11.

Non-Canon History[edit]


Coober first appeared as an NPC character from the Dank Dungeons and Dragons campaign. Later, Coober appeared in The Nuren Campaign, with the role of being a character who was "Technically always helpful, technically always not helpful." In these campaigns, Coober was as a powerful Wizard, whose skill with magic is only matched by his skills in cunning and misdirection.

Dank Dungeons and Dragons[edit]

Coober's first appearance in Dank Dungeons and Dragons. He saved the party of adventurers from a group of multiplying bats after striking a deal with PauseUnpause. The deal was that the party would become Coober's slave, everyone was upset at Deadbones and started to plot to kill Coober. Deadbones alerted Coober that his friends are plotting to kill him, in response he turns everyone into frogs except Deadbones who disguises as a frog.

The Nuren Campaign[edit]

Coober appeared in The Nuren Campaign, where he met the Dwarven Siblings in Bopen's lair. He claimed to be there on Nisovin's orders and also a member of the George Clan, however it was obvious that he was not. Regardless, Coober offered them various magical items in return for Blinky enhancing his staff. The group debated and bickered long enough to expend Coober's patience causing him to teleport out of the dungeon without giving them the items.


  • It is speculated that Coober may have been Rebooc in The Sunswords.
  • When Gwenyth Sunsword was thinking of a name for her child she at first wanted to name him Coober, but quickly dismissed the idea stating that Coober is a character from one of Dave's novels.