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Race Cow Frog
Hostile Yes
Affiliations Unknown
Abilities Swallow
Equipment None
Capable of Speech No
Weakness It's stomach (from the inside)
First Appearance Kobold Headhunters

Cow Frogs are giant-frog like creatures that feed primarily off of Goblins. They are thought to be the female counterpart of the Bull Frog, and first appeared in the Kobold Headhunters campaign.


Cow Frogs look like giant frogs, but with the heads of cows. They also happen to have a long tongue that can be used to grab food, and they tend to feed off of Goblins, but will eat other races as well, such as Dwarves. Cow Frogs also have the ability to stick to walls and ceilings of caves, and have been known to drop down from them to feed.

Cow Frogs are the female variant to the cattle-like frog creature which reside in damp caves (Notably in Karrazim) and presumably other similar environments. A male member of this species would be considered a Bull Frog, and is thought to be much larger.


  • Cow Frogs have the ability to use their tongues to grab on to and swallow a target whole, putting them inside their stomachs. Their tongues appear to be very long, and can grab on to targets from a large distance.
    • When inside a Cow Frog, characters will slowly take damage from stomach acid until they are digested. However, the Cow Frog also takes double damage from attacks dealt from the inside. It is possible to escape the Cow Frog's body if eaten, as Romulus demonstrated with Windwalk.


Kobold Headhunters

As the Kobolds began their search for the Stone Tail, they were asked by the villagers of Karazeem to get rid of some Goblins planning to raid the village. In the middle of their fight, a Cow Frog dropped down from the roof of the cave, and started swallowing anything near it. It ended up swallowing Neena Brando, who had been transported there as a result of the effects of the Vampire Locket. This meant that Romulus returned inside the belly of the Cow Frog, and was forced to escape using Windwalk through its rear end, causing him to permanently smell. After the rest of the party was defeated, Romulus and Burrito retreated into the cave, leaving the Cow Frog and Goblins to fight.

Later on, it was discovered that in the middle of their fight, the other Kobold villagers entered the cave and defeated the weakened Goblins and Cow Frog.

Notable Examples


  • Cow Frogs appear to be able to digest Kobolds despite their stone-like properties.
  • The Cow Frog in Kobold Headhunters was brought on due to a Supporter Event.
  • Despite making it clear that Cow Frogs and Bull Frogs were different, Rob still ended up referring to the Cow Frog in Kobold Headhunters as a 'Bull Frog' many times.
  • Cow Frogs are the first example of combat being able to occur inside another living creature.