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Danevur is an Elven town that Theta Squad is stationed in to defend from Porcs in Porc Hunters.

Points of Interest

Danevur has four known buildings and a pier next to the Emerald Lake. It houses residents, Theta Squad, and some Elves from other squads during Porc Hunters.

Known Buildings

  • Bar
    • Danevur has a bar tucked in the top left corner.
    • It is known to serve quickness elixirs as water. Also serves beer and pissa.
  • Inn
    • Located at the edge of Emerald Lake and in the top right corner. Also is right next to the bar.
    • The inn has two rooms, a master suite and a much smaller normal suite. It has a hole in one of the master suite walls due to some of DeNada's earthlords bashing through it in order to get beer and pissa for him.
  • Large house
    • Located at the bottom left of Danevur, tucked in the forest. It houses some unknown residents.

Known Structures and Landmarks

  • Pier

Known Residents



The town of Danevur is located in a large forest. It is also near a cave full of Porcs and the Emerald Lake. Based on current information, it is a fairly small town, consisting of only two houses and a handful of residents.

Porc Hunters

Porcs have started to attack Danevur, taking Elves with them to be eaten by Porbo. The Theta Squad has been sent out to deal with the Porcs. However, no one in Theta Squad respects their leader, Ca-Rell, at all.

The Porc attacks were supposedly stopped when Porbo was defeated and Ca-rell took over his place and commanded the Porcs to no longer attack Danevur.


  • Elmar burnt down a large part of a nearby forest, causing a large fire elemental to spawn. A small squad of Elves was sent out to attempt to subdue to elemental until Theta Squad came in and helped slay it.