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[[Leader's Heartoak Staff]]: Personally destroyed it.
* [[Leader's Heartoak Staff]]: Personally destroyed it.
[[Dragonskin Bow]]
* [[Dragonskin Bow]]
[[Believers Stone]] x2
* [[Believers Stone]] x2

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Davey 'Dave' Davidson

Dave RadioactiveK.png
Race Elf
Cornerstone Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliations Sunblades
Relatives Unknown
Status Alive
Portrayed By
Rob (Roamin's Band of Thieves, Porc Hunters)

Coestar (The Sunswords)

First Appearance Roamin's Band of Thieves

Not to be confused with the generic name that Theta Squad gives to Elves.

Captain Davey 'Dave' Davidson the Sun Cleric is a fan fiction book writer, and was/is a member of Gwyneth Sunsword's faction of Sun Cleric Elves and Sunblades.



Dave is a male Elf with a thin figure, long white hair, and violet eyes. Dave wears a blue long sleeve, v-neck jumper, with black greeves, black belt and black boots. He has white bandages around his upper left thigh and a light blue cape that ends just above his rear. He often carries around a brown book that he constantly writes in with a golden quill for his various stories.


Dave is friendly towards pretty much everyone, with the exception of those who he sees looking down on his fan-fiction books, which he is very protective of. He is one of the only adventurers on The Sunswords quest to not be Gwyneth's boyfriend, ex-boyfriend or wanna-be-boyfriend. As such, he often plays a peace-making role, especially when he gains control of the Leader's Heartoak Staff, enabling him to control what the leader of the group feels. He, however, does not use it to better his own position and generally does what is best for the group as he sees it.

Dave believes in teamwork and in following rules. He is generally a sensible elf, pointing out the absurdity of the actions of others, such as Ca-Rell's promotions based on victory over a group of mere goblins and Xavius's using an unconscious body as a meatshield. Dave appears to be a very capable fighter in The Sunswords. Despite his low health, he manages to deal lots of damage with his wizarding spells, single-handedly fighting off most of a Porc attack force.










Phineas Barringster

Powers and Abilities


Wizard Abilities

Paladin Abilities








Dave was played by Coestar in the Sunswords campaign. During the group's mission to the Silver Mine Mountains, Dave is working on a novel titled 'Boyfriend Quest' that he plans to later share on the Magic Forums.

Roamin's Band of Thieves

Dave first appeared in the Sun Cleric town among Gwyneth and other Sun Clerics. Squinks, currently disguised as a young elven girl, happened upon them. Squinks decided to back-stab his party, revealing that several Gnomes were in the Monkey Fish King cave. Dave was left in charge of the false girl, while the others went to search the cave.

Squinks attempted to edge Dave to go help his fellow elves search, but Dave was very firm in his orders. Squinks resorted to casting Charm on Dave, enlisting him to help. The charmed Dave then helped his new temporary master to hide in the town's jail and would assist at a later time to break him out.

This plan would not last, as the Charm broke, causing Dave to leave Squinks in the jail and join his fellow elves in the final battle against the gnomes.

Porc Hunters

Dave appeared as an ally to the protagonists of this campaign, the Theta Squad, one of whom was his old pal from college Chilly Wizzy. They helped him defeat Chimera, a captured Kobold who had escaped via the donation goal: Unnatural Critical. Afterwards he gave their leader, Captain Ca-Rell, four Treasures as a reward for assisting in the recapture of Chimera. Shortly after he left with his prisoner and the rest of his elven companions.


Due to the timeline being unclear at this point in time there are two possibilities for what Dave is doing now. Either Dave is currently working in the elven army as a captain, or Dave is working for Gwyneth Sunsword as a Sun Cleric helper/protector.


  • Dave is the first NPC to be played by a player.
  • Dave is currently tied for the most reoccurring character with Nisovin and Phineas
  • Dave is the first character that Coestar has played that has had nothing to do with the phrase "Thank you"