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Real NameShane
RolePlayer, Side Quest Host
AffiliationBuffalo Wizards
FirstThe Nuren Campaign
"Welcome to URealms Side Quest!"
— Deadbones

Deadbones is a member of the Buffalo Wizards and regular player of URealms Live. Originally, Deadbones was a fan of Rob's work on the Unforgotten Realms web series and followed his content as it evolved to Dwarves vs. Zombies, where Rob played with Deadbones and the friendship grew ever since.


Season One
Squinks Icon.png Philhipe Icon.png Ca-Rell Icon.png Kinney Boots Icon.png
Squinks Philhipé Captain Ca-Rell Kinney Boots
Madelyne Icon.png Pryor Icon.png 100px Neena Brando Icon.png
Madelyne Pryor Kallark Neena Brando
Romulus Icon.png Morgan Marie Icon.png Cain Icon.png 100px
Romulus Morgana Marie Cain Maelstrom
Octivias Icon.png Khn'n-Rell Icon.png
Chef Octivias Khn'n-Rell
Season Two
Vitali Zankovich Icon.png Lola van Drych Icon.png
Vitali Zankovich Lola van Drych
Side Quests
DeadbonesGamePiece.png Belladona von Feingart BSQ Puppet.png
Game Master/NPCS Belladona von Feingart


  • Deadbones had inadvertently written himself out of the Roamin's Band of Thieves campaign, so Rob allowed him to control Philhipé during the final portion of the game.
    • In the Behind the Scenes for that campaign, it was revealed that Deadbones did this intentionally to try to leave early, and he ended up staying the whole time anyways.
  • Deadbones doesn't like tartar sauce.
  • Deadbones, like Coestar, has a naming style for his characters starting with Ca-Rell: All characters have a reference to Marvel Comic characters in their name.
    • To further expand this, all Kobold characters he plays/names are named after Wolverine-esque Mutants while Elves are named after Kree characters.
  • While DeadBones has currently played the most female characters of the main cast, he has also kept an almost even split between male and female characters.
  • As of the end of Season 1, Roamin and Deadbones are tied for most total characters played (including minor, non-player-made characters), each with a total of 14.
    • Excluding the minor characters, they're still tied at 13.