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Rob, I want to use an interrupt. Warning! The following page contains spoilers for the most recent campaign! Oh no!


This is a list of all the dead Players and notable NPCs of Urealms

Player Deaths

Order Character Cause of Death Player Campaign Killed
1. Dankie Icon.png Dankie Crushed by a Donkey Coestar The Many Gobos of Pat
2. Darius Icon.png Darius Killed by Omally Roamin The Unseen Rogues
3. Morgana Marie Icon.pngMorgana/Morgan Marie Fell to their death Deadbones The Zarlin Catacombs
4.* Jo Krysstal Icon.png O' Jo Krysstal 1.Strangled and stabbed by Maelstrom

2.(Believer) Mauled by a group of Fire Elementals

Justin The New Crew(1)

Den of Devils(2)

5. 100px Xavius Crushed in the Silvermine Mountains collapse Roamin The Silvermine Mountains
6. Elmar Icon.png Elmar Crushed in the Silvermine Mountains collapse Justin The Silvermine Mountains
7. Dave Icon.png Dave Beheaded by Chimera Coestar The Murder Bros
8. Bromas Kobold Icon.png No-Eye Bromas Killed by a Porc that had gone anti-party Coestar Unexpected Discovery
9. Dai Icon.png Dai Drowned Millbee The Fall of Dundinborough
10. Jeanie Jaredson Icon.png Jeanie Jaredson Killed by Bopen Deadbones The Fall of Dundinborough
11. Gracias Icon.png Gracias Injured by a Whelpling, then stepped on by Lunk Coestar Den of Devils
12. Michael Langstrom Icon.png Michael Langstrom Pushed into Lava by Duke Daring Roamin Den of Devils
13. Virgo Sunsword Icon.png Virgo Sunsword Decapitated by Bopen Rob The Skeleton King

*Jo' Krysstal is not confirmed dead but it is heavily implied

Player deaths Explained

  • 1.Dankie Crushed to death by a Donkey being thrown onto him while he was unconscious
  • 2.Darius Killed in battle when Neena Brando used lascene to reposition Omally (mid attack) so that the attack hit Darius instead of Thea Mazing
  • 3.Morgana/Morgan Marie Slipped and fell into an abyss while taunting a defeated Beenu Warmachine
  • 4.O' Jo Krysstal was turned on by an angry Maelstrom for participating in singing 'fuck the kobolds'
  • 5.Xavius Suddenly crushed by a boulder trying to escape the Mountains
  • 6.Chilly Wizzy : After getting his manhood frozen and the shattered he curled into a ball and let himself be killed in order to save Gwyneth Sunsword
  • 7.Dave and his fellow Sunsword companions were ruthlessly exterminated by The Murder Bros trying to protect a derailed train
  • 8.No-Eye Bromas stayed behind to fight the whelpling, sacrificing himself to give the others time to escape
  • 9.Dai Drowned while trying to prove he was the best swimmer in the land by swimming with stone shorts on
  • 10.Jeanie Jaredson was killed when Bopen stopped 3 arrows that Jeanie had set on fire in mid air and shot them all into her skull
  • 11.Gracias was heavily wounded by a whelpling, but just as Usu tried to throw him to the dragon he got one last shot off launching himself into a wall and then being stepped on by an oblivious Giant Bearzerked Lunk
  • 12.Michael Langstrom was pushed into lava while trying to kill Lunk for accidentally killing a believer version of Michael's son Taylor Langstrom
  • 13.Virgo Sunsword was in a fierce battle with Bopen and after crushing Bopen's skull with a seismic slam, Bopen's headless corpse decapitated Virgo, burned the flesh from his head, and used Virgo's burnt skull as his own.

Notable NPC Deaths

Character Cause of Death Campaign
Albert Icon.png Albert Decapitated by a Sunsword Band of Thieves
Jakelad Icon.png Jakelad Jakelad's skull was crushed by Kinney Boots The Jewel of the Dingo Isles
Pattenborrow Threecircle Icon.png Pattenborrow Threecircle Decapitated by Willis The Many Gobos of Pat
Ian Bates Icon.png Ian Bates Shot twice by Bob The Sunswords
Lester Icon.png Lester Burned alive by Omally's tower's dragonfire The Unseen Rogues
Chase Icon.png Chase Killed by Thea Mazing The Unseen Rogues
Gobolf Icon.png Noxel's Squire Killed by Kopie Ren Kobold Headhunters
Franky Rosebud Icon.png Franky Rosebud Shot through the chest by Sergio Fabioso The Zarlin Catacombs
100px Shaneil His neck was snapped by Khn'n-Rell. The Silvermine Mountains
Job Icon.png Job Neck slashed open by accident when Slippery Knuckles Malone tried to cut off his arm The Blood Snake Queen
Ian Bates Icon.png Simon Neck broken by Virgo Sunsword The Death of Virgo
Fleshweaver Smiggons Icon.png Smiggons Seismic Tossed by Virgo Sunsword The Death of Virgo
Jormr's Stepson Icon.png Jormr's Stepson Eaten by a Whisper Snake Woodcarvers
Taylor Langstrom Icon.png Taylor Langstrom 1.Crushed by a Shroom Trent

2.(Ageless)killed byMikael Zankovich

3.(Believer)Accidentally knocked into lava by Lunk


Den of Devils(3)

Rafeal Icon.png Rafeal Crushed by a Shroom Trent Woodcarvers
Sheila Icon.png Sheila Turned ageless by Golestandt then killed by Jormr Woodcarvers
Wanda Zankovich Icon.png Wanda Zankovich Turned ageless by Golestandt then killed by Vitali Zankovich Woodcarvers
Rupert Icon.png Rupert Turned ageless by Golestandt then killed by Jormr Woodcarvers
Sheriff Hardrock Icon.png Sheriff Hardrock Shot point blank by Empusa Murder Bros
Snitch McGitch Icon.png Snitch McGitch Shot by Johnny Feo Murder Bros
The Barkeep Icon.png The Barkeep Hit by a Train Murder Bros
Beautitrice Icon.png Beautitrice Johnny Feo's High Noon. Murder Bros
The Duchess Icon.png The Duchess Shot by Empusa Murder Bros
Reesi Gandolin Icon.png Reesi Gandolin Fell into Lava The Tower of Ultimate Wizardry
Papi Pombo Icon.png Papi Pombo Killed by a Whelpling Unexpected Discovery
100px King Dundinborough Killed mysteriously in the resurrection of Bopen The Fall of Dundinborough
Karolime Dundinborough Icon.png Queen Karolime Dundinborough Killed mysteriously in the resurrection of Bopen The Fall of Dundinborough
Phineas Dundinborough Icon.png Prince Phineas Dundinborough Killed mysteriously in the resurrection of Bopen The Fall of Dundinborough
Nikers Fontain Icon.png Nikers Fontain Sacrificed himself to block a Whelpling's fire breath Den of Devils
Rumbles Rumbles Burned by a Whelpling Den of Devils


  • There are 13 Total Player Deaths;
    • 3 of Roamin's
    • 2 of Deadbones' characters
    • 2 of Justin's characters
    • 4 of Coestar's characters
    • 1 of Millbee's characters
    • 1 of Rob's characters
  • Deadbones was the first player character to directly Murder another player character.
  • Coestar is the first character to die by a Supporter Event.