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This is a selection of Quotes from Den of Devils.



  • "You are... NOT WORTHY!"
- When Usu rolls a 1 on attempting to pull out Susurflame.
  • "Roamin goes and... doesn't do anything."
- Roamin's bonus action from a critical Avast Ye Maties.
  • "This is the most beautiful piss you've seen in your lives."
- After describing Usu peeing into the dragon gold.


  • "I'm not a porc. I'm a harpy."
- Whenever Usu is asked about his harpy costume.
  • "Does anyone else want to pee in [the gold]?"
- While the party thinks about touching the gold.
  • "You know, I hear that people who speak falsely of the trials go to a special bad place."
- Getting fed up with Duke Daring using the trials to make him do something.

Duke Daring[edit]

- Whenever Duke Daring does something badass.
  • "Stay away from my Lunk!"
- Duke after kicking Langstrom in the lava.


  • "Hooray."
- Jebediah 's half-hearted cheer after Lunk pulls out Susurflame.
  • ’'"It's hard to force this on."
- Jebediah struggling to crack a smile.


  • "I think these hugs are bullshit!"
- Lunk questioning his friendship with Gracias.
  • "I wish I had some books so that I could play."
- When everyone is throwing their books into the lava.
  • "I hope I never catch harpies."
- After Karl pulls Usu away from the dragon.
- After Lunk Bearserks and blocks the door in the Hatchery.


Virgo Sunsword[edit]

  • "Under the crust, the earth, and the soil, the devils of fire skirmish and toil. Forging the strongest amongst their ranks, building the army, constructing their tanks."
  • "As when the sun no longer shines bright, these demons of flames will finally take flight. Until then they prepare they scrap and they wrestle which is why my friend we call it a Den of Devils."
- Virgo Sunsword speaking privately to Nisovin.

Michael Langstrom[edit]

  • "August 34, some year or something. Today I went down to the lake, and I got totally wasted, but dad doesn't know." [begins to cry]
  • "December nintytwo'nd, in the morning. Me and my friends, [sobs]. We snuck out today, and we got really drunk, down by the lake, and dad didn't know. And that's really it" [begins to cry]
  • "March J7. Today me and my friends were down to the lake. We got really drunk" [breaks down crying]
- Langstrom reading up from his son's diary
  • "I pretended to be a supervisor, but who the fuck needs a supervisor for three lumberjacks?"
- Michael telling Jebediah about his former job.


  • "Looks like I'll just have to find a new best friend!"
- Gracias shortly after his friendship with Lunk ends.


"You know, our bodies is just like, giant, democratic, you know pools of cells. You are made of billions and millions of cells. And they make your brain, and then they make you think about stuff to do! And we call that stuff consciousness. And we all think that is something special, but in reality it's not really special. It's just what you need to have to survive, and when you die you will loose that consciousness, and you won't exist anymore. Most people i talk to bothers this bother about, but not me. Porcs are really good about existential crisis, that is why we don't really care about death that much"

- A Porc telling how porcs deal with existential crisis


Lunk: "One two three four, I declare a fist war."
Gracias: "Five six seven eight, we'll be best friends and mates."
- Lunk and Gracias doing a fist bump war

SK Malone: "I'm a real berserker, I can bearserk just like any other berserkers. Want me to prove it to you?"
Lunk: "Yeah, do it. Let's see it."

SK Malone fails to bearserk while roaring.

SK Malone: "Yeah, see? I'm a real manly man."
Lunk: "Look at that. That's... yeah. Well at least you got some hair there now."
SK Malone: "You wanna show me your bearserk? I showed you mine, now you gotta show me yours."
Lunk: "You wanna see mine, huh?"
SK Malone: "Yeah, let's see it. See if it's any bigger than mine."
Lunk: "Alright, you're gonna regret this."

Lunk fails miserably to bearserk and falls to the ground while SK Malone starts laughing at him..

SK Malone: "*laughing* You call that a bearserk?"
Lunk: "Oh, man, no! Don't look at me!"

Lunk runs off while SK Malone is still laughing.

- Lunk and SK Malone trying to show off their berserker skills