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* [[Goblin#Goblin|Greenskin]]
* [[Goblin#Goblin|Greenskin]]
* [[Goblin#Hobgoblin|Bulky]]
* [[Goblin#Hobgoblin|Bulky]]
* [[Wizard#Starting Gear and Passives|Wizard Fury]]
===Wizard Abilities===
===Wizard Abilities===
* [[Fireball]]
* [[Fireball]]

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Desnuttes RadioactiveK.png
Race Goblin
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Wizard
Gender Male
Affiliations His family
Alias Pat Desnuttes
Status Alive
Portrayed By Justin
First Appearance The Many Gobos of Pat

Pat Desnuttes, formerly known as Goblin Desnuttes, is a Hobgoblin Goblin Wizard portrayed by Justin during The Many Gobos of Pat campaign.



Desnuttes is a male red skin Hobgoblin with a large figure, messy brown hair, and green eyes. Desnuttes wore a grey robe over a stretched blue shirt and blue sandals. Around his neck, Desnuttes wore a necklace with a Swammie inside of a bottle.


Desnuttes is a calm, proud goblin. He often takes the back seat whilst everyone gets into the action and casts spells from a distance. He is often stoned on Swammie oil so this makes him very calm and relaxed.


Pattenborrow Threecircle

Desnuttes is very close with his adoptive father, as they spent many hours meditating together in his study. Desnuttes is Pat's favorite son and these meditation sessions appear to help Pat himself relax. When Pat tells Desnuttes, that the goblin will need Pat 'inside him' one day, Desnuttes appears shocked and a bit grossed out. However, due to their closeness, after his beheading, Pat appears to continue living spiritually in Desnuttes, revealing himself as such when Desnuttes destroys the necklace his father gave him.

Notable Attributes

Powers & Abilities


Wizard Abilities

Theurgist Abilities







Desnuttes was found and adopted by Pattenborrow Threecircle.

The Many Gobos of Pat

We first meet Desnuttes in Pattenborrow's House, were he has been adopted. Desnuttes is Pat's favorite and often meditates with him in his study or bedroom. Desnutttes becomes so adept at meditation that he is able to increase his stamina pruely with the concentrated power of his thoughts. For his adoptive "Birthday" Pattenborrow gives him a neclace which allows makes him impervious to magic. When Pattenborrow is killed by the Dwarf, Willis, he and his adopted family are taken to an arena to fight for their freedom. They defeat all opponents un till they have to fight Pat's biological daughter: Heatherfol Threecircle. It is then revealed that Heatherfol Threecircle was , in fact, not Pattenborrow's real daughter, but Medusa in disguise. Denuttes hears the voice of the deceased Pattenborrow, telling him to crush the neclace in his hands. When he does this, the spirit of Pattenborrow was able to take refuge in his body live, through Desnuttes, giving him his new name of Pat Desnuttes. With Pat's help, Desnuttes and the gang were able to defeat [[Medusa and escape to freedom.


Pat Desnuttes escaped the Paladin Order's Fighting Pits.


  • His name is a pun on "Gobbling these nuts" (Goblin Desnuttes). [1]
  • His bonded name is "Pat-Desnuttes" or "Pat these nuts".