Dingo Isles

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Dingo Isles

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Home To Skeletons and Stone Guards
First Appearance The Jewel of the Dingo Isles

The Dingo Isles are a set of islands in an unknown part of The Drink. The island has various flora such as Palm trees and grass that dot its sandy beaches. In the middle of the Dingo Isles houses an ancient temple of unknown origin that is filled with treasure, both obvious and hidden.

The Temple located on the Island is inhabited and protected by various amounts of Skeletons, Stone Statue Guardians and at least three Pot Puppies. The Temple has a notable jewel inside of it that Nisovin hired the Crew of the Bocoe to retrieved for unknown reasons.

It should be noted that the purple liquid that births the Porc race appeared in a fountain at the temple. No native Porcs were found, however.