Dragon Aspect

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Dragon Aspect

The Ageless One.png
Race Dragon Aspect
Hostile Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Abilities Unknown
Equipment None
Capable of Speech Unknown
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance The Silvermine Mountains

The six Dragon Aspects represent the six schools of magic, and are immensely powerful beings, whose children are the Divine Beings.

The Dragon Aspects

Dragon Aspect Image Magic Followers
Golestandt The Ageless One.png Dark Herald of Bones
Ouro'ras Light Follower of The Light
Quintara Lotus Arcane Seeker of Knowledge
Rokesh Earth Child of Rokesh
Vlaurunga Fire Sigil of Flame
Yvander Ice Frostborn


Golestandt is the only Dragon Aspect who is completely feral when he lost his mind after the death of his father, Sun Dragon Phanto. Golestandt does not seem to care or interact with the realm in a conscious way, but his presence often causes the death and destruction of thousands every time he awakens from a slumber. In truth, Golestandt merely wants to be left alone to suffer the burden of embodying the heaviest of magics, Death. Those who bathed in his deadly black smoke are killed instantly only to be reborn as an Ageless without a mind and forever doomed.

Many Years ago, Virgo Sunsword did battle with the Cult of Bones and their deity, Golestandt. Although the Cultists, being Ageless, were nearly unkillable, Virgo found a way to defeat and kill off many of them, by crushing their skulls. He also found a way to defeat the Ageless One, and force him into a prolonged slumber. Where the Ageless One slept, Virgo ordered the construction of mountains on top of it. These mountains became the Silvermine Mountains.

The Silvermine Mountains

It is revealed that the "silver" the Elves have been eating to lengthen their lives are the scales of Golestandt. The mining of the mountain is an attempt to weaken the beast within. The Ageless One was released from his prison in the Silvermine Mountains by a group of criminals led by the Cultist Khn'n-Rell, and flew off into the world, destroying the Mountain in his wake.


After having been freed from the Silvermine Mountains, Golestandt went around casting death and destruction wherever he went. One of the locations he destroyed was the small Dwarven village of Waldon. His Dragon Breath not only destroyed the town, but converted all the people in it and around it into mindless Ageless. He continued to fly onwards after destroying the town.