Duke Daring

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Duke Daring

Race Dwarf
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Unknown
Gender Male
Affiliations The Explorers Guild, His Crew
Relatives Unknown
Status Alive (In the Magic Carpet)
Portrayed By NPC (Played by Deadbones)
First Appearance Guild of Explorers
"That's why you're not the Number 1 Adventurer Extraordinaire, Duke Daring!"
— Duke Daring

Duke Daring is a Dwarf of an unknown subrace. He is played by the DM, Deadbones, in the Guild of Explorers sidequest.





His crew consists of 2 Gnomes, 3 Dwarves and one unknown: Short Stuff, Roundhouse, Biff, Tiny, Big 'un and one unnamed. Big 'un's race is unknown.

Powers & Abilities

Sorcerer Abilities



Dual axes



Duke Daring knew Jameson Blant as they were both members of the Guild of Explorers. Duke Daring however, despises Jameson because when the two of them first joined the guild, Duke asked a fellow guild member disguised as Jameson for a cup of sugar, who then spat in Duke's face. Duke believed this person to be the real Jameson, and has since hated him. Duke sometime before The Guild of Explorers, conquered the infamous Zarlin Catacombs. However, it is unknown if he conquered it with his group of cronies or not.

Guild of Explorers

As Duke Daring and his crew were leaving the city to find the Scrolls of the Sandbold, they came across Jameson Blant and his team of mercenaries. After some short introductions between the two, Jameson showed some of the 'clues' he had found to Duke, but accidentally tripped whilst holding a Magic Carpet, falling on top of Duke, with the carpet swallowing him whole. Duke was found to have been in a bubble in the "carpet of holding" dimension once Slap also fell in. Once Patrick Cake and Jameson showed up inside the dimension as well, Patrick immediately teleported from his own bubble into Duke's and began to pummel him with magic.



  • Duke Daring claims to have conquered the Zarlin Catacombs. However, it is unknown if this is true.