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Duncan RadioactiveK.png
Name Duncan
Race Gnome
Sub Race Okagnoma
Stamina Unknown
Affiliations The Future Winners
Abilities Unknown
Equipment Unknown
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Unknown
Status Alive
First Appearance Battle of the Bards

Duncan is an Okagnoma Gnome played by Deadbones in the Battle of the Bards sidequest. He is Lance Briggs' assistant, and seems to have a drug addiction.



Duncan is an Okagnoma Gnome with a slim build. He has tanned skin and long, pink hair that reaches his shoulders at the back, with bangs either side of his face that reach past his ears. He wears a brown hat with an upturned rim, a short-sleeved, v-neck black t-shirt that is tucked into his oversized, brown pants. He has a green belt tied around his pants, and a grey vest on top, with red shoes. Lastly, he has two black wristbands, a bloody bandage over his left eye and a piece of straw in his mouth.


Duncan is generally regarded as a nuisance by the rest of the Future Winners, and is constantly busy searching for drugs.


Because of his squeaky voice, forgetfulness, and obsession with drugs, most are simply annoyed with Duncan. Those that aren't seem to only tolerate his presence.

Gear Man

While both Duncan and Gear help move and maintain equipment, Gear has authority over Duncan, and more sway with the band. Because of this, Duncan is often seen shadowing Gear. He also considers Duncan to just be part of his gear.

Notable Attributes



While not explicitly stated, it is implied that Duncan has been traveling with The Future Winners for some time.

Battle of the Bards

Duncan arrives with The Future Winners at The Battle of the Bards, helping Gear Man lug gear in through the front entrance. However, while Lance and Vanessa argue with guards about security runes, Duncan leaves Gear with the equipment and decides to find some drugs. Upon coming back empty handed, he is promptly scolded by Lance before continuing to the tent. Duncan goes to set up things elsewhere while Gear Man makes sure everything inside the tent is in order. During the performances Duncan is working behind the scenes while Gear Man in onstage.


Duncan continues to work for Lance in Gear Man's absence. It is unclear whether he obtained Gear Man's possession in Gear Man's absence.