Earth Spirit

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Earth Spirit

Race Elemental
Hostile No
Abilities None
Equipment None
Capable of Speech No
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance Porc Hunters

Earthlords are Elementals that may be summon using mud, dirt stone and gravel, by Theurgists with the Call Earthlord ability.


Once a Theurgist uses Call Earthlord, a single Earthlord is summoned in the exact location that the summoner desires. Upon summoning, Earthlords must be given a specific instruction or task to be accomplished. Once said task is completed, the Earthlord summon will fade.


Earthlords are described as earthly embodiments of earth, mud, stone or gravel itself. They have no face, limbs or appendages unless stated otherwise.


Earthlords can move up to 10 spaces to their target or goal. Once next to their target, they may attempt to deal 1 damage or preform an action to accomplish their gorl. They are not affected by rough terrain, as seen in The Many Gobos of Pat campaign. When an Earthlord takes damage, the caster must choose to take the stamina cost for it to keep it alive. If the summoner neglects to take the stamina cost for the Earthlord, the summoning instantly fades.