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Race Elaphelk
Hostile Yes
Affiliations Unknown
Abilities Gore, 360 Spin, Swing Trunk, Earthquake
Equipment Nothing
Capable of Speech No
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance The Many Gobos of Pat

Elaphelks are large mammals who are a cross between an elephant and an elk. It is speculated that they are related to Skelephelks.



They come in various sizes and look almost identical to an elephant aside from their two elk like antlers. They appear to be hostile to all races, though it is possible that they are either non-hostile to dwarves or tameable as they were used to fight the goblin family in the arena in The Many Gobos of Pat.

They are capable of wearing armor that can drop from the sky. This armor makes them magic immune [1] and then causes the spell cast at them to fire back at a target on their turn. [2]



Similar if not identical to the Lumberjack ability Earthquake.

Swing Trunk

The elaphelk hits the foe with its trunk. It appears to have a range of 2.


The elaphelk gores the foe with its tusks permanently reducing maximum stamina by 5, but not doing any other damage.

360 Spin

The elaphelk does a 360 degree spin hitting all enemies around it.


Elaphelks can have a special suit of armour that doubles their stamina and will absorb spells, reflecting them out after a short delay.

Momma Elaphelk

A momma elaphelk is a much larger and stronger variant of the elaphelk. When they gore, their foes get stuck on their tusks. Their earthquake is also replaced by Megaquake, though currently it is unknown what the difference is. The momma elaphelk that appeared in The Many Gobos of Pat was referred to as "he," so not all momma elaphelks are female as expected. It is speculated that momma elaphelks are older, stronger elaphelks, not mothers.


  • Elaphelks were featured in the Roamin's Band of Thieves campaign map, but the heroes did not come across them because Rob felt that there had been too much combat up to that point.
    • The donation events and the animations for the donation events themselves in Roamin's Band of Thieves were reused for The Many Gobos of Pat campaign.
  • Kobolds have been know to lie that Elaphelks can only turn 90 degrees. [3]