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Race Elves
Hostile Unknown
Affiliations Elves
Abilities Master of Magic
Equipment Daggers
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance Roamin's Band of Thieves

Elves are a species briefly introduced in The Nuren Campaign and further elaborated upon during the Roamin's Band of Thieves campaign. The first time players were able to have elf as their class was in the campaign Porc Hunters where the entire crew were elves.


Elves are much taller than Dwarves or Gnomes and possess an impressive affinity for magic. Because of this, Elves can use two additional spell abilities from other classes as their own. They have a culture around the sun that some Spellblade elves are associated with. It is unknown if they sleep or not as there are claims they do not sleep, but meditate instead. However these stories are uncorroborated and may be untrue. However, Elves are able to fall into an unconscious state that resembles sleep. Elves bury their dead by sprinkling small amounts of dirt over the corpses (Jar of Elven Brown Sand).

Race Cards

Card Name Ability Description Image
Elf Master of Magic You may choose two additional abilities from another class as long as they are spell abilities. 325px
Noble Born Melding Magic Any time an ally rolls a Critical after using an ability, you may use a spell ability even if it is not your turn. 325px
Spellblade Spellblade After casting a spell ability, you may also use a melee range attack on an adjacent target. 325px
Dwelf Rune Keeper The first time an attack or ability would knock you unconscious, you may negate the attack, regain 7 stamina, and cast each of your spells once without cost. 325px


Spell of Bearding

Most of the man elves use this spell grow beards to Attract certain female elves.

Notable Elves

Noble Born: