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Race Elves
Affiliations Elves
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance Band of Thieves

Elves are an ancient species that were created by the Sun Dragon God Phanto after the Hatching, and have existed since before the Birth of Magic. They are notably very prominent in the Realm and are known for being quiet wealthy and magically gifted.


Elves, along with Highbears, were the first two races known to be created by the Sun Dragon Gods during the Hatching. The Elves have a very distinct appearance, being taller than Dwarves and Gnomes with long pointy ears, and notably fair skin. Elves are also noted to be more powerful as they age, or at least this was claimed by Virgo Sunsword, who was a Grand Paladin before his death and has lived since before the Birth of Magic.

Elves are notably proficient in magic, often learning multiple schools of magic from different classes. This gives them a wide range of abilities from simple jobs, such as Zanaria Vinisto using her Ice Magic to run an Ice Cream Parlor, to being militaristic in nature, such as the Sunsword Military.

There is some conflicting information about some things the Elves have claimed. For example some Elves have claimed to not require sleep, but meditate instead, while others do sleep. One notable example of an Elf claiming to sleep is Ca-Rell.


Elves were created in the Realms by the Sun Dragon God Phanto after the Hatching, and were protected by him. During this time, Elves could not feel any physical pain and could not die. However, the Old Gods killed Phanto and caused the Birth of Magic, so this caused Elves to no longer be immortal and allow them to truly feel the harshness of the world they live in. It was seen in The Senate of Deadlantis that several Elves simply went insane due to their newfound ability to inflict pain unto others and plunged the world into chaos for some time, it was said that 80% of the Elven population was killed during this time.

Elven Culture

The Elves control most of the Realms, with certain families rising to power in different regions with their own militaries and leaders and are known as The Elven Families. These families are known to ally themselves with the Dwarven Kings (as seen in The Fall of Dundinborough), with other Elven families (as seen in The Cobblers), and with other military orders (as seen in The Grand Paladin Order).

However, Elves did have to ally with the Dwarves through treaties, such as The Ironstone Accords. Elves have been known to work closely with Dwelves, unlike their Dwarven counterparts, Gnomes and Porcs. However, they do seem to have a low opinion of Kobolds, believing them to be mostly bandits. The Elves are most hostile towards Goblins, regarding them as scum of the Realms and not truly people, even going out of their way to kill them on sight, as seen in Porc Hunters.

The Elven Alphabet

Elves have their own alphabet in URealms Live. A guide to translate the letters can be found here

Notable Elves


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  • Elves are one of the oldest races in the Realms, along with Highbears and The Beenu Race. Kobolds were revealed to have existed as feral creatures along side the Elves, Highbears and Beenu.
  • According to Canyon Nailo, Elven blood is extremely useful for marinading.