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The Enchanter class of URealms Live is a minion-based class, with the ability to turn any object into a minion, and spells that support their minions in combat.


Name / Description Spell gem.png Melee gem.png Range gem old.png Radius Gem.png Interrupt gem.png Limited gem.png Stamina Cost Image
Starting Gear and Passives +5 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
You start with 2200 gold.
Enchanters may animate Items into Minions that are linked to you. You may put Items, Treasures, and Roleplay Cards into your Ability slots, and then summon them each as Minions at the start of combat. You do not gain the bonuses from these cards while they are in your Ability slots.
Amplify 1 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Amplify the life force of a Target, transforming their tile to Large size until the end of combat. This transformation doubles the damage of Basic Attacks. If used on a defeated Enchanter Minion, then bring it back to life as well.
Conjure Fortune 5 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Transform air into gold invoking this powerful spell. You and your Allies are granted 500 gold and a random Treasure Item. Using this Spell out of combat will prevent you from using it in your next combat encounter.
Disenchant 3 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Release an explosion of Arcane power at a Target dealing 5 Damage. Any defeated Enchanter Minions adjacent to the Target are revived.
Mesmerize 5 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
All Foes on the battlefield are put into a lifeless trance that lasts until they take damage or a few minutes pass. Stronger Foes may be resistant to this Spell and wake up from the trance early or even resist it completely.
Reanimation 3 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Revive all Enchanter Minions on the battlefield that have been defeated.
Swiftness Charm 1 [[|325px|center|frameless|class=img-100]]
Enchant the boots of your Allies, granting them greater swiftness. Grant you and your Allies an additional Move Action this round and you may move all Ally Minions up to 10 spaces.

Notable Enchanters


  • Morgana Marie was the original character to be featured on the Enchanter's cards.