Fabs the Hobgob

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Name Fabs
Race Hobgoblin
Stamina Unknown
Affiliations Fleshweavers
  • Fireball
  • Pyroblast
  • Inflame the Mind
  • Tricky Gobos
Capable of Speech Yes
Status Deceased
First Appearance The Cobblers

— Fabs the Hobgob

Fabs the Hobgob was a female Hobgoblin encountered at the entrance to the cave on the outside of Chossals.



Fabs is a large muscular Hobgoblin that doesn't wear any clothes. She has many piercings on her ears and one on her nose. She has long hair with braids on each side of her face.


Fabs mind is blank, due to being manipulated by the whispers of the Legion, she says nothing other than one word, Together.

Powers & Abilities





At a young age Fabs could already hear the whispering. Every night when she slept she could hear the calling of another beckon her to leave her bed and find the one who calls. When Fabs finally grew strong enough to venture on her own she went out in the world to seek out the caller. She rarely talks these days outside of saying a single word, Together.

The Cobblers

She attacked the party along with other Darken Hobgobs at the entrance of the cave on the outskirts of Chossals. She then began to have a seizure and was killed by the Cobbler family and then had her heart eaten by Kristy Cobbler.


  • Fabs was originally going to be a male, but after Deadbones got Uncontrollable Libido, Rob noticed that their were no female eneimes so he made Fabs female.