Fantastico Fabioso

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Fantastico Fabioso

Fantastico Fabioso RadioactiveK.gif
Race Gnome
Cornerstone Unknown
Class Paladin
Gender Agender
Affiliations Paladin Order
Status Alive
Portrayed By Roamin
First Appearance The Zarlin Catacombs
"I'm gonna cast Divine Intervention."
— Fantastico Fabioso

Fantastico Fabioso is a Keen Paladin played by Roamin for The Zarlin Catacombs campaign.



Fantastico Fabioso is an agender Gnome with pale skin, long brown hair and grey eyes. Fantastico wears a loose fitting red shirt under silver plate armor, brown leggings, red boots with gold buckles and two cyan Hurricane bracers on his hands. Fantastico wears a blue and gold Kingfisher Cloth like a hooded cloak while a concubine. After being freed, Fantastico wears the Kingfisher cloth around his waist and a red headband in his hair.


Before he gained his freedom, Fantastico was a concubine that could not think for theirself and was a sex addict. After they gained their freedom they became an assertive fighter, to the point they took off all their cloths as they deemed them "The Shackles of his Bondage". They was also shown to be vehemently opposed to anything that could take away their freedom to the point they wiped No-Eyes' armies and nearly killed him when they thought he could potentially be a threat.


Fantastico was originally the concubine/slave of Sergio until he gained his freedom, after which his relationship with Sergio turned into one mostly full of disgust.

Fantastico asserted himself over No-eyes after No-eyes' transformation and his own gained freedom to the point that he became the new "Alpha Wolf".

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It is unknown as to when Fantastico met Sergio and became his concubine, but it is known that Fantastico attended college by the command of Sergio. One of the electives that was chosen for Fantastico was "Walkie-Talkie Technology." He then joined Sergio as being part of Bromas' tour group for VIPs.

The Zarlin Catacombs


Fantastico survived the threat of the Bennu War Machines and remained under the employment of Bromas.


  • Fantastico is the first URealms character to be of undetermined gender. It is unknown if this is a new gender, or Fantastico has yet to align with any particular one.
  • Fantastico is Red/Green colorblind.
  • It is unknown if Fantastico was related to Sergio prior to him becoming a concubine or if all concubines have the surname of their Masters.