Frost Elemental

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Frost Elemental

Race Elemental
Hostile No
Abilities None
Equipment None
Capable of Speech No
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance Porc Hunters

Frost Elementals are Elementals that may be summon using water, by Theurgists.


When a Frost Elemental takes damage, the caster must choose to take the stamina cost for the Frost Elemental to keep it alive, though if they don't, the summoning instantly fades.



Ray of Frost

The Frost Elemental may shoot forth a beam of ice that deals 2 damage and freezes a target in place, stunning them for a turn. They may use another action that is not one of their class skills this turn.

Ice Bolt

The Frost Elemental releases a shard of ice from their hands that deals 1 damage plus 1 additional damage for every Ice Bolt that has been fired by them or their Theurgist up to a maximum of 5 damage.

Notable Frost Elementals