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Race Gnome
Affiliations Keens
Capable of Speech Yes
First Appearance Band of Thieves

Gnome is a playable Race in URealms Live. They are a race of beings that are heavily associated with technology and mechanical creations and prefer engineering over magic. They are known to be one of the shortest of races, only surpassed by Keens.


Gnomes are small beings, notably smaller than any other current sentient race. They have seen to have pale to lightly tan skin, hair ranging from all colors such as black, red, brown to even pink. Their small statures vary from Gnome to Gnome, as some have seem to be extremely frail while other are very muscular.

Gnome Culture[edit]

It is currently unknown where Gnomes originally come from, as no known Divine is said to be the creator of the race. They appeared after the Birth of Magic and became the new race associated with technology and advancement, replacing the Beenu that came before them. They have been known to create the Steam Engine. They are also associated with treasure, often appearing to be very wealthy and carrying around a lot of treasure. However when a Gnome becomes obsessed with a certain item, they devolve into a Gorgon.

They are known as beings of strict business, having notable rules, regulations and paperwork for things such as the Battle of the Bards and lumberjacking.

A Gnomish diet includes the standard meals other races eat, but notably includes beetles, which are considered a delicacy to them.

Gnomish People[edit]

Gnomes are small people that are usually around 3ft tall, and are obsessed with technology, constantly inventing new things. Like Keens, they love using treasure to their advantage.

Notable Gnomes[edit]

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  • Gnomes are the friendliest, most tolerant race in game; being able to associate with Dwarves, Elves, Kobolds, and Porcs.
    • Gnomes are the only race, so far, known to either like or tolerate Goblins. [1]
    • Gnomes are also friendly towards Highbears, with Gnomes being the main source of squires for Highbears.
  • Keen Gnomes are the smallest race in the Realms. They are generally about 2 feet tall.
  • Gnomes are really into insurance.