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This is a selection of Quotes from Guild of Explorers.

Player Quotes[edit]


  • "You find a hundred gold up the donkey's ass."
- After Jameson searches the donkey's ass for things.

Chip Chop[edit]

  • "Chip Chop!
- Many different instances.
- After he falls into the carpet and wishes to help defeat the giant skeleton.

Patrick Cake[edit]

- Patrick after he keeps pummeling Duke Daring with Fire and Ice magic.

Jameson Blant[edit]

  • "I think we all learned a lesson today; rocks are dangerous."
- After a failed attempt to destroy a fist-sized rock with Aurora Borealis.
  • "Nothing in here, guys."
- After searching for things inside the donkeys neck.
  • "He's not gonna bleed out, but he might drown."
- When they're questioning if Roamin's bubble might fill up with blood.


  • "Excellent use of the cannibal carpet."
- After Rob has explained that he's trying to make Duke fall onto the carpet.
  • "[STDs] I collect them. All of them."
- After Jimmy Blant said he was worried about getting them.

NPC Quotes[edit]