Gwyneth Sunsword

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Gwyneth Sunsword

Gwyneth Sunsword RadioactiveK.png
Race Elf
Class Sun Cleric
Gender Female
Affiliations The Sunswords Military
Companions Fenrus
  • Alpha
  • Follower of the Light
Alias Commander, Gwyn
Status Alive
Portrayed By Rob
First Appearance Roamin's Band of Thieves

Commander Gwyneth Sunsword is an Elf leader of the Sunblades. She has appeared in Roamin's Band of Thieves, The Sunswords, The Silvermine Mountains, and Woodcarvers. .



Gwyneth is a female Elf with fair skin, gold eyes, and curly light brown hair. She wears heavy plate armor that covers most of her body, save for her face and joints. Underneath that, she wears green clothing and a green skirt that appears from her plate armor and parts from the front.


Gwyneth is a very strong warrior. She instills commands in all of her Sun Clerics, even to the point where Dave refused to be tricked until he was under the spell Charm. She is also very brutal to those who have wronged her. The Monkey Fish King even stated that if they have killed any of the elves under her command that she will kill them on the spot. Gwyneth further exhibited this trait by having Philhipé locked up for several months awaiting execution for damages against her village.

The Sunswords campaign provides a deeper look into her character. She appears to value the respect she receives from other elves and afraid of losing it on accounts of her being a pregnant woman. She tends to hide her softer side and can be cold and withdrawn even with her boyfriend.


Virgo Sunsword

Gwyneth is the daughter of Virgo.


Kallark is one of Gwyneth's ex-boyfriends. The two still have a few unresolved issues, some of which relate to Gwyneth's deceased unborn child. Gwyneth was attracted to Kallark because of his beard.


Xavius is Gwyneth's ex-boyfriend. The fact that Xavius is still spending time with Gwyneth (despite her having a new boyfriend at the time) suggests the relationship did not end on really bad terms. At the end of the campaign, it is hinted that Gwyneth and Xavius are back together after Kallark leaves. However, it is unknown how long the relationship may last. The relation ship did not last sadly. In The Silvermine Mountains campaign, as the characters were escaping the mountain, and gigantic rock broke off from the ceiling and crushed Xavius to death.


Bob is also one of Gwyneth's ex-boyfriends. Like what happened with Xavius, the fact that he is still spending time with Gwyneth suggests that the relationship did not end on bad terms.


Powers and Abilities


Sun Cleric Abilities

Paladin Abilities

Warrior Abilities

Lumberjack Abilities

Companion Abilities

  • Bite
  • Throw
  • Sunlight





Roamin's Band of Thieves

Gwyneth was first seen inside of her home with some of her fellow elves. Squinks, in disguise as a young elven girl, walked in on them. Squinks took this opportunity to backstab his comrades by ratting out their location. Gwyneth took the word of the girl and left to search out the Monkey Fish Grotto for the gnomes.

After finding nothing but the Monkey Fish King, Gwyneth returned to her town and found Dave, the elf she left in charge of the little girl, standing outside the town cell with an untransformed Squinks inside. Dave revealed that he was bewitched by the Keen Gnome while his compatriots attempted to steal the key.

Enraged, Gwyneth met up with the thieves inside of her home and began a final battle with her Duskblade. The battle concluded with Gracias and K-4 jumping down the well to the Monkey Fish Grotto and Yumi and Squinks running out of the village. The Elves did manage to capture the Kobold Paladin Philhipé, locking him up for several months with plans to have him publicly executed for his crimes against the Elves.

The Sunswords

Gwyneth Sunsword was the leader of a group tasked with escorting a prison caravan to the Silver Mine Mountains. The group initially consisted of Gwyneth, seven other elves and a gnome. One of Gwyneth's companions was her current boyfriend Kallark, and she also happened to be accompanied by two of her ex-boyfriends.

While battling through a canyon inhabited by Ytts, Gwyneth briefly fell under the control of a Ytt. Fortunately, she managed to break free from the Ytt through her own willpower before any major damage could be done. After clearing the canyon and scolding certain crew members for their incompetence, Gwyneth secretly informed Kallark that she was carrying his child. She insisted that this should be kept a secret for the time being because she did not want the others to treat her differently. Shortly afterwards, however, Kallark blurted out to his crew mates about his future child. Furious at his actions, Gwyneth dissolved her relationship with Kallark before the group moved on.

When the caravan came across a burning barn, Gwyneth was one of the first to burst through the rubble to reach the source of the crying voices inside. While inside, Gwyneth ignored two trapped Kobold children in favor of the noises that turned out to be nothing more than a child's toy. After the group defeated the Flame Spooky, Gwyneth was confused as to why she was unwilling to rescue the young Kobolds. She believed that her emotions may be out of line due to her hormones. Because of this, Gwyneth relinquished her command, leaving Kallark in charge of the team.

As the squad was coming up with a plan to deal with an Ogre blocking a bridge, one of Gwyneth's past boyfriends, Xavius, approached Gwyneth. Xavius confessed that he still had feelings for her. Gwyneth dismissed these advances in order to carry on with the mission. During these events, leadership was passed back to Gwyneth.

Gwyneth and the party ultimately arrived at the outer gates of the Silver Mine Mountains prison. Oddly, the gate was not opening for the caravan. Before Gwyneth could get a grasp of the situation, she was approached by the Porc prisoner, Jakelad, who had escaped the carriage by using his Charm spell on Kallark. The entire troop, except for Kallark, was then affected by Jake's Lullaby spell. To Jake's dismay, Kallark broke free from the Charm and began awakening his companions. Jakelad fled the scene but not before summoning his Porc allies to dispose of Gwyneth and company. As the battle ensued, Gwyneth and Kallark were trusted to force the gates open while the rest of the team (including the remaining prisoners) held off the attackers. Luckily, Gwyneth's allies were able to turn the tides against the Porc ambushers. However, while everyone else was still caught up in combat, Rufio, a mentally unstable Elf ally who had been obsessing over his love for Gwyneth for some time now, sneaked up on Gwyneth and stabbed her in the stomach, incapacitating Gwyneth and killing her unborn baby. The allies successfully repelled the Porcs and Kallark was able to revitalize Gwyneth. Upon learning the fate of his child, Kallark furiously threatened to kill Rufio. Gwyneth, however, knew that Rufio wasn't thinking clearly, and she decided that having him arrested along with the surviving Porc enemies would suffice as punishment. At the same time, Gwyneth allowed the previous prisoners who aided her team in combat to go free. Finally, after an emotionally devastated Kallark somberly walked off on his own, Gwyneth was last seen taking Xavius back as her boyfriend.

Porc Hunters

Gwyneth is referenced as the leader of the Alpha squad.

The New Crew

It is implied that Bob has a romantic relationship with her and convinces her to leave Laeyuleaugh for a short time while the island is attacked by the crew of the Bocoe.

The Silvermine Mountains

In the campaign's opening scene, Gwyneth escorts a band of prisoners to the Silvermine Mountains, but is distracted by an argument between Kallark and Xavius, where Kallark wants to release the Kobold children Unter and Gunter from the prison. While Gwyneth agrees that the children should not be prisoners, she refuses to release the children to Kallark because he is being tormented by Carlos. Gwyneth decides to get Kallark help from their mutual friend Tom.

Later, Gwyneth enters a riot that has been started by the prisoners during meal time. She ends the fight and sends the prisoners to bed. Gwyneth then talks to DeNada, Xavius, and Chilly Wizzy in the library while Kallark listens in. Gwyneth tells the group that the mountain is currently under siege by the Cult of Bones and she is worried that they do not currently have enough guards to watch the prisoners and keep the cult at bay. Gwyneth lets Kallark become a guard on the condition that if he does anything crazy, he's out.

Later that night, Xavius gives Gwyneth a deep sensual massage and asks her more about the Cult and what's stressing her out. Gwyneth reveals that over 1000 years ago, there a great being known as The Ageless One was imprisoned by the construction of the Silvermine Mountains. The elves destroyed the Cult of Bones who worshipped the beast, but now the cult has rallied around the mountain and is trying to awaken the beast. Gwyneth is worried about the fate of the mountain and those in it. Xavius then gets offended that she doesn't want to settle down with him and start a family. Gwyneth argues that she isn't ready to have another child and if he is so insistent on having kids he should find someone else. Xavius ends the fight and tells her that he loves her and that everything will be alright.

After the prisoners break out by Kallark's hand, Gwyneth and Xavius stop Kallark in the hall, and Gwyneth voices her disappointment in Kallark, causing him to cry and walk towards the exit in shame. Gwyneth and Xavius hear Chilly Wizzy's screams echoing from the library and go to check on him. They enter the library, and Chilly Wizzy recounts what happened. Meanwhile, the Cult of Bones awakens The Ageless One, causing the beast to exit the mountain and take flight, sending the mountain's ceiling crashing upon those inside of it, creating an urgent need to escape the mountain.

Gwyneth begins to flee the mountain with the remaining survivors. Gwyneth and Xavius help Chilly Wizzy limp along. Gwyneth tells Xavius to go ahead and unlock the gate blocking the entrance of the cave, and Xavius does as he is told. Gwyneth injures her leg, further reducing her speed, and Xavius runs back to assist Gwyneth, but the ceiling above him crumbles, instantly crushing him. Gwyneth turns to Chilly Wizzy who tells her to leave him and save herself. Hesitant, she accepts. However, she doesn't get far before another part of the ceiling falls and breaks her leg. Kallark turns back to see Gwyneth crawling, and decides to throw Trusty and Unter over the gate, with only Trusty making it. Kallark, after a moment of thought races back to pick up Gwyneth instead of trying to throw Unter again. He makes it back and asks Gwyneth for the keys, but she tells him that she gave them to Xavius. They manage to make a gap just big enough for Unter to crawl through. Kallark rams the gate and manages to make a space big enough for Gwyneth and another Sun Cleric, but in his enlarged state, he is too big to fit through. He tells them to go. Mustering all the might he has left within him Kallark punches the gate, busting it open. He charges forward, picking up Gwyneth and the other Sun Cleric, pushing them just outside mountain's ridge. The remaining survivors gaze up at the sky, seeing that The Ageless One has been released.


After escaping the silvermine mountains, Gwyneth along with Kallark while following the dragon aspect Golestandt trying to help fix the destruction it has laid upon the land follow it to the town of waldon reach the town immediately after it had been destroyed and Gwyneth then convinces the remaining of the woodcarvers(Alessa Stonemason,Jormr and Vitali Zankovich) to assit her and Kallark in purging the ruins of waldon of the mindless ageless


Gwenyth was last seen leaving the ruins of Waldon with Kallark, Vitali, Mikael, Jormr, Alessa and Heathera back to the Elven Base Camp.


  • Gwyneth was the final boss of the Roamin's Band of Thieves campaign.
  • Gwyneth's appearance is based on Kuvira, a similarly powerful character from the animated TV series The Legend of Korra.
  • In The Sunswords campaign, Gwyneth mentions Chilly Wizzy, wishing he was present to help out with the burning barn. She also implies that the two may have been in a relationship together.
  • In The Sunswords campaign, Gwyneth reveals to Kallark that she is attracted to his hair. Even revealing that it negates her hate for Dwarves.
  • Her appearance in the woodcarvers campaign makes her the most recurring character per campaign her total being 4 appearances in major campaigns