Hat Rat

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Hat Rat

Hat Rat TUR.png
Race Hat Rat
Affiliations Unknown
First Appearance The Unseen Rogues

Hat Rats are small rodents about the size of chihuahuas, with the appearance of a rat wearing a top hat, that first appeared in The Unseen Rogues.


Hat Rats are small rats, about the size of a chihuahua, that wear top hats. They seem to be common in Dwarven towns, and are regarded as a pest. They speak a version of Abracadab, often squeaking 'Yes,' but it is less advanced than the language spoken by Thea Mazing and Lester.

Hat Rats seem to be very fragile, and can be defeated simply by punching them or by removing their hats. They don't seem to have a high level of intelligence, often just casting whatever spell they pick out of their hats.

Hat Rats can be tamed, as seen by Harold in Battle of the Bards.

Powers & Abilities

Companion Abilities

  • [{Companion / Hat Rat}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Prismatic Showstopper}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Little Hat Trick}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Teleport}]

The Rat Queen

The Rat Queen is a large Ageless Hat Rat that lived in the sewers of Reldawin. She is able to speak, and is charged rent by Morton for her and other Hat Rats to reside in the sewers. She is able to convert people into Ageless, and is also able to have people under her spell and have them serve as her eternal servants. After defeating the Rat Queen in combat, Morton receives the Rat Queen's curse and is turned Ageless and becomes the new Rat Queen.

Fat Hat Rat

Fat Hat Rats are Hat Rats which have cast the Self-Gorgification spell and have grown to an enormous size. It is very difficult for them to move, and they are quite strong due to their large size.

Dire Hat Rat

Dire Hate Rats are Ageless Hat Rats that have gone completely feral. They do not have to wear hats in order to survive.


The Great Hat Rat War

Mona mentions in passing that her and Thea Mazing fled the Old Country during "The Great Hat Rat War." She then goes onto hint that the war has since ended and the Old Country rebuilt. Not much is yet known about it, however, since Mona and Thea move back to the old country after The Unseen Rogues, we can assume the Hat Rats lost and the Old Country is once again stable.

The Unseen Rogues

A swarm of Hat Rats appeared at Mona's home. They were easily defeated by the band, but the house suffered moderate damage during the encounter. Mona did not seem to be bothered by this claiming that it is a "Regular Occurrence."

Battle of the Bards

Harold had a band of five Hat Rats, who he performed with, and were his only friends, that he kept protected inside a box. However, in the middle of his match with Ziggy Ziggy and Iggy Iggy, The Future Winners stormed the stage and killed all of the Hat Rats, causing Harold to run off the stage in tears.


Vitali Zankovich is seen with five hat rats in his home. His wife Wanda Zankovich collects them because they remind her of Abrakadab. Vitali begins staring at one of them, unfortunately this sets off a chain reaction and all five soon explode. It is not known if Hat Rats do this normally, or if this was a one time event

The Purge

While escaping the town of Reldawin, the townspeople following Morton escape through the sewers and have to deal with several Dire Hat Rats and Fat Hat Rats. They encounter The Rat Queen, who has captured some of the lost townsfolk and converted Nylys Glisk and Ida into her mindslaves. After presenting the Key to the City to the Rat Queen, Morton kills the Rat Queen.


  • Taking the hat off of a Hat Rat causes both the rat and the hat to explode into a shower of colorful sparks. The player is then rewarded with a temporary random spell.