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Race High Bear
Hostile Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Abilities Great Beast
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance Woodcarvers

High Bears are giant bears that very little is known about.


File:HighBear Armor.png
Armored High Bear

Lore Cards

  • High Bear Society

High Bears are the only other race as old as elves. They tend to see themselves above all other races and view honor and family as being more valuable than even their relationships with the dragon aspects. low bears are those who have dishonored their family or kingdom and have been exiled from Ursamar to live among the other races.

  • Ursa Faiden, Part 1

Ursa Faiden was a Baron to the 7th Paladin Order. The dwarves he was a diplomat for were attacked by another faction of dwarves. A baron's only purpose is to serve as a peaceful diplomat, and report situations for the Azan High Bears but Usra Faiden having befriended the dwarves fought alongside them killing another high bear in battle.

  • Ursa Faiden, Part 2

Such disrespect to ones duty often results in a High Bear being exiled after a trial of his peers called A'nu Lomante which translates to "Farewell Disgraces". Knowing that he had disobeyed the Counts and the laws of Arcas Balthassar, King of the the High Bears, Ursa Faiden did not return to Ursamar to stand trial and instead went into hiding.

  • Ursa Faiden, Part 3

The high bears care about respect and honour above all else and are now hunting down Ursa Faiden to force him to face his A'nu Lomante and whatever punishment that leads to, however after not only disobeying the Counts, but now running from his trial, it is almost certain that death awaits Ursa Faiden when he is captured.

Race Cards

Card Name Ability Description Image
High Bear Great Beast High Bears use Large Tiles and start with 5000 gold. High Bears primarily cast spells from their mouth and cannot Basic Attack with Weapons or use Shields. High Bears can Basic Attack for 10 Damage that hit both spaces in front of them. [1]
Archdukes Ultimate Wizardry Any time an Archduke casts a Spell, they may also cast a different Spell as an Immediate Bonus Action. Archdukes do not pick a Class and instead may fill their Ability Slots with any spell in the game. [2]
Highborn Divinity Highborn cannot go Unconscious in battle and are immune to Critical Hits. Highborn cannot wear armor, and instead wear special ornate armor that has been crafted specifically for them. [3]
Low Bear Mountable Low Bears have the companion skill Ride and can allow up to 3 Allies at a time to ride on their back. Low Bears gain triple Stamina from their Class, gain a Chaos action each round, and can wield weapons to Basic Attack with using their mouth (this weapon's basic attack damage is increased to 10). [4]

Notable High Bears



Low Bear:


  • Berserkers have the ability to turn into Vendo form, a hybrid of their own race and a High Bear, using the skill Bearserk.
  • High Bears existed as a concept in the Unforgotten Realms web series, with a character known as Ursa Arcadius being an "Archduke of the High Bears".