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Highbear WC.png
Race Highbear
Hostile Unknown
Affiliations Unknown
Abilities Great Beast
Capable of Speech Yes
Weakness Unknown
First Appearance Woodcarvers

Highbear is a Race in URealms Live. They are a race of powerful giant bears that very little is known about.


Highbears are the only other race as old as Elves. They tend to see themselves above all other races and view honor and family as being more valuable than even their relationships with the Dragon Aspects. Lowbears are those who have dishonored their family or kingdom and have been exiled from Ursamar to live among the other races. A slur used to refer to Lowbears is A'nu. Highbears are honorable creatures, and betraying one another is an act of treason. As such, if a Highbear breaks the trust of their community, they are banished through a ceremony called A'nu Lomante, which translates to "Farewell Disgraced", and announced an A'nu, or Lowbear, unworthy of honor. The Highbears eventually relocated to Ursamar, their new home.

Powers & Abilities[edit]

Companion Cards[edit]

  • [{Companion / Highbear}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Archduke}]
  • [{Companion Passive / The Highbear Dance}]
  • [{Companion Passive / Divinity}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Honorless Maul}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Ungrateful Ride}]
  • [{Companion Ability / High Kings Roar}]
  • [{Companion Ability / Touch of Kallisto}]

Notable Highbears[edit]



See Also[edit]


  • Berserkers have the ability to turn into Vendo form, a hybrid of their own race and a Highbear, using the skill Bearserk.
  • Highbears existed as a concept in the Unforgotten Realms web series, with a character known as Ursa Arcadius being an "Archduke of the Highbears".
  • Highbears are based on the armoured bears from the His Dark Materials novels and The Golden Compass film.