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Welcome and thank you for taking interested to help us build and expand the URealms Wiki. Below are some ways you can learn and help us increase the wiki's size. These are just simple things you can help with. Every little edit is just one way you can help Rob and us wiki guys with his show. Thanks again for taking your time to help expand the URealms Wiki.

Basic Rules to Follow

All information on the wiki needs to be rooted in facts and directly traceable to an official campaign.

Behind the Scenes and fan theories do not constitute as facts and are NOT ALLOWED on the wiki under any circumstances. In addition, we no longer will be covering any gameplay mechanics or gameplay rules on the wiki.


It is important to keep in mind that unless we see something happen in a campaign, it is conjecture and not officially canon. For example, a character might say information about another race, however until we see that proven right that character's comment is not establishing World Lore. In addition, anything said or shown in Behind the Scene videos or streams about what was intended for past campaigns or what we might see in the possible future is also not canon. If you have a question about whether something said is canon or not please feel free to ask a moderator.

It should also be noted that you should state where information comes from, if it comes from a character directly, or from Rob himself. For example

"According to Professor Spydly Spyderson in Okagnoma Guild Hall, Thor created many of the Races we know today, like Dwarves, intelligent Kobolds, and many other Races."

This serves the purpose of separating 100% factual Lore, and Character Opinion.

Conflicting Canon

If something said or done seems to conflict with pre-established canon, please do not bother the players or Rob about it. Due to the very nature of URealms Live things can change quickly and are often made up on the spot. As Rob has pointed out, basically any continuity can be explained away with "A Wizard did it". Please keep this in mind and don't argue with the Game Master.

Fan Fiction

We'd like to keep the wiki clean of any fan lore for the purpose of ensuring the wiki is accurate so that Rob can use the information in future campaigns if need be, so we need to ensure the content is kept accurate. If you want to share your fan stories, you can post it in the correct section on the forums.

Character Pages

Character pages need to follow the new format that we have created on Template:Character Page Sample.

How to Link Cards

To link cards from the URealms Card Viewer all you need to do is type the card name brackets [ { } ] and the text will link to the website if it is in the card database.

The card link [{Race / Elf}] or [{Class / Wizard}] is formatted like [-{Class / Wizard}-] (without dashes). One additional note about linking cards is that they will not show up as links in the preview menu.

How to use Images

Images can be shown by using the following formats:

[[File:File.jpg]] or [[File:File.png]]

Most images on this wiki follow a system of naming that should be consistent across all files. For example:

Image Type Naming System Example Example File Name
Character Icon <Character Name> Icon Gwyneth Sunsword Icon.png Gwyneth Sunsword Icon
Character Puppet <Character Name> <Modifier> <Campaign Acronym> Puppet Alessa Stonemason Hooded WC Puppet.png Alessa Stonemason Hooded WC Puppet
Character Portrait <Character Name> <Modifier> <Artist> Kallark Gandolin RadioactiveK.png Kallark Gandolin RadioactiveK
Creature Image <Creature Name> <Campaign Acronym> Hat Rat TUR.png Hat Rat TUR
Campaign Logo <Campaign Acronym> Logo TUW1 Logo.png TUW1 Logo
Campaign Preview <Campaign Acronym> Preview MB Preview.jpg MB Preview
Supporter Event Icon <Event Name> <Campaign Acronym> Event Icon Get Funky TSS Event Icon.png Get Funky TSS Event Icon
Divine Decision Choice Divine Decision S#C# Divine Decision S3C2.jpg Divine Decision S3C2
Divine Decision Icon Divine Decision S#C# <Option> Divine Decision S3C1 Gwyneth Sunsword.jpg Divine Decision S3C1 Gwyneth Sunsword

Modifiers tend to only be used when a character has multiples defining puppets, for example, in The Senate of Deadlantis, where the characters reappear years later, or with Alessa Stonemason, where she sometimes wears her hood, and sometimes doesn't. Supporter Event Icons only use Campaign Acronyms if there are multiple events with the same name, for example, Get Funky is the name of an event in both The Sunswords and Unexpected Discovery.

A list of Campaign Acronyms can be found here, and they are also used to add that campaign's template to a page.

You can also view a list of images on the wiki.

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