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|gender= Male
|gender= Male
|actor= [[Coestar]]
|actor= [[Coestar]]
|campaigns= The Fall of Dundinborough
|campaigns= [[The Fall of Dundinborough]]
|affiliation= <br>
|affiliation= <br>
* [[List_of_Organizations#Briggs Family|Briggs Family]]
* [[List_of_Organizations#Briggs Family|Briggs Family]]

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James Briggs
James Briggs Snakes FOD Puppet.png
Campaigns The Fall of Dundinborough
"My Masteries!"
— James Briggs

James Briggs is a Noble Born Elf Swashbuckler played by Coestar in The Fall of Dundinborough. James was a guard of the Royal Family of Dundinborough, after being lent to the Royal family by The Sunswords Military. He is one of the two guards who survived the destruction of the Kingdom by Bopen.



James Briggs is a male Elf with long flowing hair and missing eyes, covered by a blind fold. He wears ragged clothes, a scarf tied by a small rope, and a clerics hat, which he believes to be a Snake Mastery hat. Eventually, during the events of Dundinborough, James began growing scales across his body, and he began to grow fangs.



Character Inventory

Powers & Abilities Belongings


  • [{Race / Elf}]
  • [{Class / Swashbuckler}]
  • [{Attribute / Ancient}]
  • [{Attribute / Blind}]


  • [{Passive / Aetherial Form}]


  • [{Cabalist / Nearsight}]
  • [{Enchanter / Conjure Fortune}]
  • [{Monk / Wind Walk}]
  • [{Swashbuckler / Buckle Buddy}]
  • [{Swashbuckler / Lunge}]
  • [{Swashbuckler / Marks the Spot}]
  • [{Wizard / Fireball}]

Former Abilities


  • Grand Stonescaler
  • [{Treasure / Cleric Sticks}]
  • Pocket Whistle
  • Randomatic
  • [{Weapon / Blunt Saxophone}]
  • [{Weapon / Cutlass}]
  • Flintlock Pistol

Former Belongings

  • [{Passive / Scented Candle}]
  • [{Shield / Sacrificial Guard}]
  • [{Spell Scroll / Firewall}]
  • [{Spell Scroll / Puppet Master}]



Following the Birth of Magic, James began his new life as a smuggler, sailing the seas of the realms as a privateer. However, he became bored of that lifestyle and became a wandering vagabond, traveling the world learning from different masters to increase his skill set. Eventually, while learning from a Snake Master, two snakes completely ate his eyeballs at the same time, leaving him blind. The Snake Master took pity on James, and decided to finish teaching him the course.

The Fall of Dundinborough


James was one of the survivors who escaped Bopen's Ageless army who seized the Kingdom of Dundinborough.


  • James has the potential to gain 10 maximum stamina and shield per turn, because of his Grand Stonescaler, which could cause him to reach insanely high stamina levels.
  • The story James reads to Phineas Dundinborough is actually the story "Mister Babadook" from the Film, "The Babadook".[1]
  • The character James may be a reference to sir Davos from Game of Thrones due to his previous smuggling life and then becoming a defender of a king.